New attendance lines drawn for high school students in Fort Mill

Fort Mill school lines redrawn

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - More than 1,000 high school students within the Fort Mill School district will attend a new high school next year.

The Fort Mill Board of Trustees passed new attendance lines at its November 6th meeting, following three proposed plans and one additional plan that was recommended by school administrators.

The option the board chose known as C-1 breaks down as follows:

-140 Students from Fort Mill High School will move to Catawba Ridge High School

-677 students from Nation Ford High School will move to Catawba Ridge High School

-271 Students from Fort Mill High School will move to Nation Ford High School

New attendance lines must be drawn when a new school opens. Attendance lines were redrawn for middle school students before Pleasant Knoll Middle School opened at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

The most recent attendance lines will only impact high school students, as a result of the addition of the Catawba Ridge High School.

“A lot of the kids in the neighborhoods said they’ve had to switch schools three or four times, and every time it was pretty tough so I hate to see them have to go through that again,” Parent Michael Roberts said.

Several residents of the Spicewood neighborhood picketed and spoke at Tuesdays board meeting. Roberts says students do not want to be split up from their friends who they have gone to school with for several years, they do not want to go to rivaling Nation Ford High School and he says it is an inconvenient commute.

“The development and the construction, a lot of the complaints last night was having to do with new drivers dealing with that construction,” Roberts said.

Fort Mill School District Communications Director Joe Burke says it was a tough decision for the board to make. He says the C-1 plan was considered and ultimately chosen because it would last longer than the other plans presented.

“we do try to get as much life out of the plans as possible so we are not doing this every couple of years which is where the C-1 plan came from ,” Burke said. “The original plan only gave us about four years before we had to start looking again to do this, but the additional of the students going from Fort Mill to Nation Ford actually extended this from four to about eight years.”

He adds that the board considered what the transitions would mean for incoming seniors. Therefore, juniors will get to finish their senior year out at the school they currently go to. Catawba Ridge will not have a senior class the first year it opens.

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