Local artist donates mural to Butler HS after fatal shooting

WEB EXTRA: Local graffiti artist dedicates mural to Butler HS after fatal shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A local artist donated a mural to Butler High School just days after a fatal shooting inside the school.

Graffiti artist Shane Pierce says he reached out to the school offering his services after he saw the tragic news.

"The art has always been 'giving back' to me, so to step in and do this for them is just what I do, and what my purpose is," Pierce said.

Pierce says he asked the school what they would like him to paint before coming up with a design.

The school, Pierce said, had another mural that had been there for 20-30 years. Now that mural is gone, replaced by a colorful message - "WE ARE BUTLER" - designed to bring students together.

(Source: WBTV)

Pierce said after living through a shooting at his school, and seeing his niece going through emergency drills, he felt he needed to do something for Butler.

"It feels good to go do good things for people."

Pierce says he’s received a lot of appreciation for the new mural, and that he hopes future generations appreciate it as much as today’s students do.

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