Charlotte named #1 Tech Town in America

CompTIA ranks the Queen City top spot for workers in technology

How the tech industry is changing Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte is the number one city in the nation for technology professionals to live and work, according to the Computing Technology Industry Association’s 2018 Tech Town Index.

The index evaluates factors like the number of IT jobs posted, cost of living, median salary and projected future market growth in cities around the country to determine the best overall locations for tech talent.

Sean Devin, the Vice President of Technology Practices at Accrue Partners, said that the availability of technology jobs in the Charlotte area has risen significantly over the years.

“There are more positions posted than there are people to fill them,” said Devin.

Chuck McShane, Vice President of Business Analytics and Data for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, said that there were 12,000 technology jobs posted in Charlotte just last month.

CompTIA reports that last year, there were 44,464 IT jobs posted in Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia with an average salary of $87,755 for IT professionals.

“This has grown so fast that our tech talent sector has grown faster than our reputation has had a chance to catch up,” said McShane.

McShane says that if you are looking for a job or a career change, now is a good time to consider technology.

Even if you do not have a background in the field, McShane says that because there are so many tech workers needed, employers are more willing to take a chance on people with less experience.

There are also technology training courses available.

“Not only through our traditional colleges and universities but through some boot-camps that are coming up to help you learn,” said McShane.

There are free training programs underwritten by grants and donations available in Charlotte, as well as collegiate courses in coding from UNCC, among other institutions.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has a list of workforce training programs in the area, with specific resources for technology jobs and information about current job postings.

Devin says that rolls like data scientists and data security are in high demand.

“I wasn’t surprised to see we are number one," said Devin. "It’s excellent, we always want to be that top city.”

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