Charlotte mom (newborn!) to run Charlotte 1/2 marathon BLINDFOLDED

Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards(Source: Laura Edwards)
Updated: Oct. 24, 2018 at 3:38 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Laura Edwards is a Rockstar.

This Charlotte woman ran a half-marathon BLINDFOLDED back in 2013. She’s about to do so again November 3rd in Charlotte’s Half-Marathon. Think about that. Cloth around your eyes for 13.1 miles.

Laura is doing it for her younger sister, Taylor.

Twelve years ago, Taylor was diagnosed with Batten disease, which causes blindness, seizures and takes away a child’s ability to walk, talk and swallow food. Batten disease is terribly rare. It’s also deadly.

After Taylor lost her sight, she still -- somehow -- managed to do two different 5k’s with her older sister in 2008-09. Her strength inspired Laura deeply.

But Batten disease is neurodegenerative and as time went on, things kept getting worse for Taylor. Laura and her mom fought back by creating “Taylor’s Tale,” a 501©3 public charity that has ended up funding worldwide groundbreaking research, and is a leading rare disease advocate.

As much as Laura was involved in helping her sister, her own life was moving forward. She got married. She kept working with Taylor’s Tale. She kept running. She also started writing a book about Taylor’s lessons to those around her: How to live with courage and grace, and how to see the light in the dark.

Earlier this year, Laura found out she was pregnant. Her first child!

Meantime, Taylor kept declining.

In response, Laura decided to run another half-marathon blindfolded. She has been training all year, WHILE PREGNANT.

Four weeks ago, Laura gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His name is Jack. (Picture below in comments.)

Baby Jack
Baby Jack(Source: Laura Edwards)

Six days later, September 26th, Taylor lost her battle.

All of that is why Laura, a mom of a newborn, will run a half-marathon with a purple blindfold next weekend… she was planning to do so in honor of her beloved sister, it will now also be in her memory.

And as if this story wasn't jam-packed enough, next week -- two days before the race -- Laura's book will hit shelves. Fittingly, it’s called, “Run to the Light.” (Picture below.)

Run to the Light
Run to the Light(

Like I said, Rockstar.

She's also going to be on WBTV News on Thursday at 7:30p, talking with Anchor Jamie Boll.

Proud of you, my friend. Good luck next weekend!


PS: Taylor’s Tale wants to turn Charlotte purple for Taylor on race day – here’s how you can help.

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