Blind dance major chases dream at UNCC

UNCC's first blind dance major

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When you think about dance it’s something you see. You go to a performance to watch it, but what if that very dancer you were watching couldn’t see their movements? That’s where Davian “DJ” Robinson comes in. Robinson is the first blind dance major at UNC Charlotte.

"There was not one time when I got into this program did they say no we can't or no we won't. They give me the opportunity just to be me. They don't look at disability, they just look at ability,'' Robinson said.

For Robinson, dance represents much more than just art. "It was like a safe haven. It didn't matter what your disability was, it didn't matter what your skin color was, it didn't matter anything outside of you being a dancer," Robinson said.

While DJ continues to chase his dream, he hopes his story will inspire others to do the same. “Step away from comparison I hope and to allow them to come to a better understanding of what it means to be different, but in that difference stay true to who you are,” Robinson said.

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