Inmates accused of assaulting officers, flooding unit in attempted escape

Inmates charged with assaulting officers, flooding unit and attempting to escape

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Twelve inmates are accused of flooding a unit in the York County Detention Center to lure officers in before assaulting them and attempting to escape.

While doing inmate checks, Detention Officer Richard Cooper reported seeing water on the floor of an entire unit at the Detention Center, according to a York County arrest report.

When officer Cooper went into the unit to turn off the valve that caused the water leak, he reported an inmate, Devan Johnson, shouting “Cooper now I’m going to kick your ass!”

The narrative in the arrest report said the inmate opened his cell and charged the detention officer. The officer said the inmate hit him three times on the shoulder and back and tried to pry his baton away from him.

During the incident the detention officer dropped his keys to the housing unit. According the the arrest report, the inmate who assaulted the officer, Devan Johnson, picked up the keys and slid them under another inmates cell before being apprehended by additional detention officers who responded to the call for help.

A second law enforcement officer, Lt. Jessica Hall, reported giving verbal commands to the inmate who was slid the unit keys under his cell door. When inmate Quincy Johnson did not respond to orders, Lt. Hall entered the cell. Lt. Hall reported drawing her baton when she realized Johnson had the housing keys in his hand as a weapon.

The report states Lt. Hall began striking the inmate “in his left perennial nerve” after giving him verbal commands to drop the keys.

Lt. Hall said the inmate then dropped the keys into his pants and tried to take her baton away from her. Johnson then reportedly punched Lt. Hall in the face.

Another law enforcement officer tased the inmate when he “continued to not follow commands to stop resisting.”

Inmate Quincy Johnson was detained and then transported to the medical unit to clean his taser wound.

Both Officer Cooper and Lt. Hall pressed charges against Devan Johnson and Quincy Johnson, respectively.

According to the report, video footage of the incident shows water pouring from the upper level of the unit onto the lower level of the unit.

The video footage, officer statements and inmate statements gave law enforcement officials “probably cause to believe that all twelve inmates inside of Housing Unit India Max 1 conspired to flood the housing unit in attempt to lure officers into the unit to assault them and escape.”

Devan and Quincy Johnson were both charged with escape/attempt or possess tools to escape, criminal conspiracy and assault and battery.

Quincy Johnson (left) and Devan Johnson (right) are charged with criminal conspiracy, attempting to escape and assault and battery.
Quincy Johnson (left) and Devan Johnson (right) are charged with criminal conspiracy, attempting to escape and assault and battery. (Source: York County Sheriff's Office)

The remaining ten inmates listed on the arrest report were charged with criminal conspiracy. Their names are listed below.

  • Kejuan Dye
  • Dustin Ruff
  • Kenneth Jordan 
  • Micah Styles 
  • Trevor Strain
  • D’Aaron Colston 
  • Donquavis Mcconnell
  • Corey Boulware
  • Dia’Monte Johnson 
  • David Brown Jr.

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