26-year-old pregnant Gaston County woman fighting for her life

26-year-old pregnant Gaston County woman fighting for her life
(Source: Family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Savanna Sigmon is 5-months pregnant with her first child. Two weeks ago this Gaston County woman’s life was turned upside down.

While at church in Stanley, Savanna suffered a major brain bleed. She was fine that Sunday morning, helping out in the nursery, then started complaining she couldn’t see. First responders were there attending church – one got to her, looked her in the eyes and saw it wasn’t good. They say her eyes were “fixed.”

She was rushed to Novant Health (formerly Presbyterian Hospital) in Charlotte where doctors – according to her family who reached out to me – gave a low chance for survival. She was placed on a respirator and doctors drilled a place in the skull where blood could drain to relieve pressure.

Day by day, pressure came down.

This 26-year-old is currently stable, still in ICU.

The left side of her has minimal movements -- maybe some paralysis -- but she’s off the breathing machine.

Doctors say her baby, referred to as “Baby Bear Sigmon,” is doing okay. Her husband Brett, the worship director at their church, says they’ve walked out their worse nightmare.

(Source: Family)

“Our faith and prayers have been what have gotten her through the situation,” Brett said. “We thank everyone -- and their faith and prayers -- with us throughout these past two weeks.”

Brett says both Savanna's parents and her brother and his parents have been with them the whole time and the whole family is in the hospital going through this together.

“We all believe there are miracles happening,” Brett said over the phone. “Things are touch-and-go. She still has a feeding tube. We’ve stayed at the hospital night and day since this happened. Things have been extra sensitive because of her pregnancy, doctors have to be cautious on what medications to use."

Savanna is a little older than our typical #MollysKids… she’s not a kid. She’s a soon-to-be mommy. But the story has ripped at her family and after talking with those who love her, has grabbed me as well. I am only sharing it at her family’s request.

Another beautiful picture of this young wife, sister, and daughter in the fight for her life, posted below in comments.


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