Forever Family: Meet Adoni

Forever Family: Meet Adoni

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Adoni is a young man that you will remember not just because of his unique name, but because of his sparkly blue eyes, his freckled cheeks and his handsome smile.

When I think of Adoni I think of a Norman Rockwell painting. Not only does Adoni have the sweet All-American boy appearance, but he encompasses this persona with his charming personality. Every time we asked Adoni to smile he would smile without showing his teeth, he is humble and he enjoys engaging others without trying to take the spotlight.

However, throughout the day he beamed his toothy grin anytime he got to do something active outside or try something new. Despite filming on one of the hottest days of the summer when most were fussing or complaining, there sat Adoni smiling with joy.

He was always the first to pop up out of his seat and ask, “what’s next, what else do we get to do?” Adoni enjoyed spending the day on the high ropes course and although he was nervous you would never know because he consistently spoke of how grateful he was to be there.

This eleven year old boy was best known for his sweet “side hugs.” Every single member of the filming crew received a “Adoni hug” his arm reached around you and you heard a thoughtful phrase such as “thanks for letting me come” or “this was really fun today.” You can almost picture this all American looking boy eating apple pie, throwing the baseball around with his dad talking about his dreams of being in the military someday.

I picture Adoni growing up and enjoying all aspects of being in a family, from eating cookies while doing homework, to having talks with his dad like in Norman Rockwell’s The Facts of Life Painting. The only thing missing from this perfect picture is his Forever Family.

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