Pranksters caught on camera stealing Halloween decorations from south Charlotte home

South Charlotte Halloween decorations vandalized

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two people have been captured on home surveillance video stealing Halloween decorations from a home in south Charlotte.

The incident happened overnight Friday into Saturday morning according to homeowner Tresa Grossman. Grossman and her husband live on Lyndonville Drive in the Hunter’s Gate neighborhood. She noticed Saturday morning that some of the Halloween decorations she had placed on her porch were missing.

“I kind of looked around the porch and thought that someone had maybe moved it or something,” said Grossman.

She has a surveillance camera built in to her doorbell and knew the next step was to review the camera’s footage. She was surprised at what she found. A man and a woman could be seen sneaking onto her porch and removing two of her items, a skeleton and a pumpkin figure.

“Honestly, I couldn’t even finish watching the video,” said Grossman. “It upset me. I had to stop looking at it.”

She filed a report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and shared the surveillance video on her Nextdoor app that allows neighbors to connect with one another. The video was then shared on Facebook. It wasn’t long before one of the thieves was identified.

“We knew who it was within hours,” said Grossman.

She said one of her biggest concerns was the fact that the man in the video could be seen looking inside one of the lanterns placed on her porch. Grossman feared the man was looking for a key to her home.

“We truly felt violated. What if there had been a key in there?” questioned the homeowner.

Fortunately, Grossman was put at ease Monday morning. She said the stolen items were placed back outside of her house and the man seen in the surveillance video came to apologize to her.

“He felt really bad and he told me it wasn’t me. He doesn’t even know me. It was a stupid prank,” Grossman explained.

She said the man also explained that he was looking for a camera when he opened up her lantern. Grossman said she accepted the apology and feels much more at ease now.

“It’s over and done. I appreciate his apology and I do believe he was sincere,” said the homeowner.

Grossman warns would-be thieves to be mindful of surveillance cameras. She’s thankful she received her camera as a gift.

“Don’t do it. There are cameras everywhere. People are watching. Social media is very, very helpful and will quickly spread,” said Grossman.

The homeowner said she has no intention of pressing charges now that her items have been returned and an apology has been issued.

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