Wendy’s customer leaves feeling humiliated after seeing remark left on receipt

Man called 'Chubby' at Wendy's


** UPDATE: The restaurant group that owns this Wendy’s location has released a statement notifying the public that they have fired the employee after investigating the matter. **

Wendy's fires employee who left cruel remark on receipt

One man says he was disrespected at a Wendy’s in Gastonia along East Franklin Street. Jimmy Shue says he went in for a meal, but left humiliated after an employee wrote “Chubby” on his receipt instead of his actual name.

"Embarrassed and hurt. I kind of felt like I was being targeted because of my weight. And that's not right for anybody to go through that," said Shue.

The man also says he was called "Chubby" as he went to get his food.

He says the whole situation turned him into a laughing stock and made his blood boil.

“I’ve been to several different Wendy’s and never had a problem,” Shue continued.

Shue says he stated his name clear as day for the cashier and believes this was an attempt for her to make fun of his weight, something he is already uncomfortable with.

Carolina Restaurant Group, the franchise organization that owns and operates this Wendy’s location told WBTV's Bria Bell through email that,“We work very hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers. We investigated this matter and have taken appropriate action.”

Jimmy says the group also sent him a similar message but, that doesn’t sit well with him because he would like an apology.

“They chose to just brush me under the rug,” said Shue.

In the meantime, he says he’ll be waiting and hoping for that apology from the people who hurt him.

“I don’t want people with disabilities or other ailments to be discriminated against or made fun of because it’s just not right," Shue said.

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