Michael gives Union Co. neighbors ‘deja vu’ weeks after Florence

Michael gives Union Co. neighbors ‘deja vu’ weeks after Florence

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - In Union County, the sight of trees down and flooding now feels familiar.

Families who just finished cleaning up after Florence are now starting the process all over again after Michael.

In Indian Trail, resident Ed Cottingham was doing laundry when a loud crash came from the other room.

“I came in and the tree had come through the living room, and landed right where I usually sit,” he says.

He’s not alone.

Trees are down on homes across Union County, as crews are hard at work to remove them from their resting places.

One neighborhood is having déjà vu, so to speak. Florence brought a neighbor’s tree down and into the road, and now another – just feet away – came down during Michael.

“Same house, same blockage,” Gregory Sharpe says. “Almost like what, Groundhog Day?”

That homeowner says it is time for the rest of those trees to now come down, before the next gusty winds head this way.

“I was waiting until the winter when my work slows down,” Danil Osipov says. “But I guess it happened sooner.”

Across the county, some common flooding spots were hit hard Thursday. Deputies are urging drivers to stay out of barricaded areas.

Neighbors say they’re thankful to be okay, as Michael moves on.

“It would’ve been a worse tragedy than it is,” Cottingham says.

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