Lancaster County leaders prepare for Hurricane Michael

Lancaster County leaders prepare for Hurricane Michael

LANCASTER COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Lancaster County Emergency Management Leaders are advising people to stay off the roads Thursday. They are expecting strong wind gusts because of Hurricane Michael. Crews also say there could be flooding, isolated tornadoes and possible power outages.

County leaders say they are prepared for what may happen and no extra manpower is needed because it will be a quick weather event - lasting about eight hours in Lancaster County.

Leaders say workers will probably get some overtime making sure people stay out of harm's way.

"The resources we have right now are adequate," Lancaster County Emergency Director Darren Player said. "We have no un-met needs."

The county is expecting about four to six inches of rain and wind gusts reaching up to 50 miles per hour. Lancaster County School Superintendent Jonathan Phipps says with that wind gust, having busses with students on the roads would be too dangerous. The district has about 13,000 students.

"When you look at the forecast and you see the hurricane and the track, it's a little different than if you are guessing if you are having snow and ice. It's a no-brainer," Phipps said. "Plus, we are under a Tropical Warning at this point, which is a little different that a watch - so there's a lot of certainty there. So we felt good about the decision."

Lancaster County recreation centers have cancelled all outdoor activities for Wednesday evening and Thursday. Lancaster County Offices will also be closed on Thursday and will reopen Friday.

Lancaster County school district has not decided on a make-up date.

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