Deputies reveal new clues potentially related to disappearance of Asha Degree

Asha Degree
Asha Degree(WBTV)
Updated: Oct. 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office released a video on their Facebook page today which included new potential clues that could be related to the disappearance of Asha Degree.

The video includes still images of a children’s book titled “McElligot’s Pool” by Doctor Seuss that appears to have been taken from the Fallston Elementary Media Center.

Detectives say library records don’t go back that far so they are asking anyone who may know anything about the book to call deputies.

In addition to this, the video also includes a picture of a concert t-shirt for The New Kids on the Block. The shirt is white with a red collar and matching sleeves.

“If you had a t-shirt like this one or know anybody who did at any point in time, please call us,” said Detective Jordan Bowen. “Asha Degree is Shelby’s sweetheart, and we know that everyone in the community wants the same thing when it comes to this case.”

Asha Degree was reported missing on Feb. 14, 2000 and local and federal law enforcement agencies have worked to solve what happened to her on the early morning hours of that day for over 18 years.

WBTV has been following the Asha Degree case ever since it broke in the year 2000.

Our investigation earlier this year revealed that a team of local detectives and FBI special agents meets almost weekly to talk about the case. Asha’s mother opened up to us back in February of this year saying she’s keeping hope alive that Asha will be found.

“I don’t believe she’s dead. I’ve never believed it from day one,” said her mother Iquilla Degree. “I’m not going to believe it. Even if they say okay, we’re pretty sure this is her and the case is closed. It will probably never be closed for me."

Though many years have passed, the community is still feeling the significance of Asha's disappearance.

I know it’s been very disturbing for the community as well as my family," said John Cline, a Shelby resident. "They searched our farm looking for any ditch, ravine, old well, anything where they could possibly find clues."

Investigators did not find any clues on the Cline's farm.

But now that they have found the children's book and band t-shirt, they need the community's help to find some answers.

If you know anything about the book, shirt, or other information about Asha Degree's disappearance, you are asked to please call the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office at 704.484.4822.

There is a $45,000 reward for information that helps officials find out what happened to Asha Degree.

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