Thieves break into women’s recovery home twice in one weekend

Thieves break into women’s recovery home twice in one weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A women’s recovery home just outside of uptown Charlotte was broken into twice over the weekend.

Women running the home say they were almost ready to open their doors to women who needed a safe place to stay.

But then the break-ins started.

First, the back door was kicked in sometime on Friday evening. The robber stole internet routers, a microwave, and an air conditioning unit.

But the robber didn’t stop there.

They also stripped the beds of their blankets and sheets.

“The door got kicked in. They took all the sheets, blankets, microwaves, air conditioners," said Valerie McCray, director of Women of Hope Recovery Center. "They took everything, they wiped us out clean.”

McCray used to be a homeless addict.

But about two decades ago, she turned her life around.

She is now 21 years sober.

McCray's vision for this home was to provide a space for women who, like herself, have struggled with addiction but want to better themselves.

Tajah Lewis can relate.

“I am nine months sober myself," said Lewis, a board of directors member of the Women of Hope home. "Having a home like this would have made things so much easier for me to transition back into life.

McCray and Lewis met nine months ago. McCray is Lewis' AA sponsor.

The two started renovating and preparing this home together for other women with jobs to have a safe place to rest.

Lewis said a safe place to go while in recovery helps immensely with being able to save for permanent housing.

The Women of Hope home is the realization of their efforts just getting finishing touches and set to open in a few weeks.

“But to come back to today to get a phone call this morning to find out that it happened again," said Lewis. "And not only did it happen. Now they’ve vandalized the property, they’ve kicked in the door. Now it doesn’t feel safe.”

Safety is crucial to recovery.

“Because it was two break-ins in less than two days, so we’ve got to get up and get running so the women can be prepared to come in," said McCray.

The Women of Hope say they want whoever stole from their house to use the items well.

They understand circumstances can be tough, but they want to be tougher.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to rebuild, said Lewis. "We’re going to set our security up so our women here are safe. We are not moving from this community.”

Charlotte police are currently searching for whoever broke into this home.

SBI crews were on scene today checking for finger prints.

If you want to help the women of hope rebuild, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page or get in touch with them about specific needs they have through their website.

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