Murder suspect accused of shooting step-father suspect arrested

Murder suspect accused of shooting step-father suspect arrested
Davajiha Huey (Source: Cleveland County Sheriff's Department)

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - In Cleveland county a man has died after he was shot in his driveway by his own step-son. It’s a case that the sheriff there has called ‘senseless and cowardly’.

Officials say Davjiha Hoey is just 20 years old but is no stranger to jail or prison. He had just got out of prison back in June of this year and was on probation when deputies say he fired his gun multiple times, which killed his step-dad, 36-year-old Orlando Daniels.

Chambwood Lane seemed pretty quiet Tuesday afternoon, but if you ask Nathaniel Generett who lives along the street said Monday night was quite a scene.

“There was a lot of cop cars so I had to get out his way,” Generett said.

Several sheriff deputies were called to a home after Hoey got into a disagreement with his Daniels. Daniels had asked Hoey to leave the house just before Huey shot him multiple times right in the driveway according to Daniels.

“It’s a shame. To think random things happen, but to see a family situation is sad,” Generett said.

Generett says his wife who happens to be a nurse ran over to try and safe his life, but things looked really bad for Daniels.

“He said something about he couldn’t feel his legs and she was wanting towels to put on him,” Generett continued.

A family is now destroyed and a neighborhood is feeling unnerved.

“We’ve never had anything like that. It’s a nice little quiet neighborhood and it just shocked me,” Generett admitted.

Cleveland county sheriff has said Huey was found and arrested in Gaffney and has plans on sending him back to prison for a very long time.

Hoey’s case was continued on Oct. 24 and will return to court on Nov. 14.

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