Kevin Olsen found not guilty on all charges in rape trial

Olsen found not guilty

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Former UNC quarterback Kevin Olsen was found not guilty on all charges in his rape trial that stemmed from accusations made by a then-girlfriend in 2017.

Olsen was facing three counts of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sex offense.

Olsen’s older brother, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, was in the courtroom as the verdict was read. There were also 18 deputies inside the courtroom and four outside.

After the verdict was announced, the Olsen family let out loud sobs and the accuser left the courtroom.

Olsen’s father was seen crying as the family left, while Kevin was seen crying and hugging his lawyers.

The District Attorney’s Office released a statement regarding the outcome shortly afterward, stating that, “The District Attorney’s Office accepts the jury’s verdict and thanks the jurors for their service. The office is committed to standing up for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.”

Earlier in the day, the jury sent questions about the case to the judge for the second day in a row.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested the then 22-year-old in February 2017 after a woman he was dating at the time told police that Olsen assaulted her in a house in the University City area after the two had a night out in uptown.

According to the original police report, the then-girlfriend told police that Olsen was upset about things happening in his life. She said he went into a bathroom and put a phone charger against his neck and threatened to kill himself. The woman told police she was able to talk him down.

She told officers that Olsen then came into the bedroom and wanted to have sex, but she reportedly said no. The report stated she told officers that Olsen then raped her three separate times.

The woman was hospitalized with scratches and bruises, officials said.

Olsen, who was granted a $103,000 bond after the arrest, has denied the accusations and rejected a plea deal.

The trial began on September 24, 2018, at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse with a jury of nine men and three women.

Olsen’s attorney said the sex was consensual.

During the trial, Olsen never took the stand himself but multiple witnesses and experts did testify.

Closing arguments were presented from both the prosecution and defense on Monday.

If convicted, Olsen would have faced up to ten years in prison on each rape charge.

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