Breast Cancer Survivor Tuesday: Twanna Henderson

Breast Cancer Survivor Story

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At 55 years old, Twanna Henderson is a woman of strength and inspiration, willing to share her powerful story.

Cancer doesn’t run in this Mint Hill woman’s family, so her breast cancer diagnosis was a huge surprise.

“I think like a lot of people, when you first hear cancer, you think you’re going to die," she told our Molly Grantham. “I mean, you really do. So there’s this fear, there’s this unknowing of what’s going to happen.”

The fear is heightened, Twanna says, when you’re a wife and mother. Her son, MJ, is 15 years old and special needs. Family, she says, is what’s most important and what has pushed her through treatments.

“Women in general, we just do it all,” she said. “You know, I am woman. Hear me roar, And I think a lot of times....we don’t want to put pressure on our families, we don’t want people to worry. You know we have this mentality that we have to do it all. So because I have to take care of everyone else, I don’t want to burden anyone. And what I’ve discovered is your difficult doesn’t have to be someone else’s burden. It’s not a burden. I think more than anything, I’ve found that people want to be a support.”

Twanna had a lumpectomy, chemo --- some of the nastiest kinds called Red Devil and Toxil --- AND radiation.

She says she rested, but never really stopped.

Twanna and Molly
Twanna and Molly (Source: Twanna Henderson)

As part of her healing, she boldly told her story to her church, New Beginnings in Matthews.

“It was amazing because so many women came up to me and told me that they had dealt with breast cancer that I wasn’t even aware of. And they just had never told anyone.”

Twanna supports Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure on October 6th...mostly because she supports empowering women just like her.

“I had breast cancer, but breast cancer didn’t have me."

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