Local college students weigh in on Supreme Court nominee hearing

Dr. Eric Heberlig
Dr. Eric Heberlig(Source: WBTV-Dedrick Russell)
Updated: Sep. 27, 2018 at 6:06 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Local college students are weighing in on the hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Students at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) watched part of the hearing when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford detailed her allegations of sexual misconduct of Kavanaugh that happened more than 35 years ago.

JCSU students watch Kavanaugh hearing
JCSU students watch Kavanaugh hearing(Source: WBTV-Dedrick Russell)

"This gives me an eye-opener," JCSU Student Shakoya Brown said. "And makes me want to dig further into some of the people that are up for positions on local, state, regional and national level."

JCSU students will soon have an assignment centered on these hearings. Students say before they start the assignment, they have already learned a lesson.

"Seeing this for the first time and being actively engaged in the conversation within my classroom," Brown said. "It's helping me to understand about how our country is going about certain movements."

Other JCSU students believe this hearing has motivated them to get engage and stay active with the political process.

"I feel like my generation has to have our own voice," JCSU student Jeremy Gibson said. "And people aren't taking us as serious as they need to be taking us seriously because we are not looking into the facts."

University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) Professor Eric Heberlig says after his government class ended Thursday, some of his students took out their computers and watched the hearing. He says no matter what is decided about Kavanaugh, the damage has already been done.

"Students who are skeptical about politics to begin with," UNCC Political Science Professor Dr. Eric Heberlig said. "Are going to find this spectacle disturbing and that will not inspire them to be more engaged."

But Heberlig also says depending on what happens, students who feel the wrong decision was made, it may motivate them to get engaged and right the wrong. The professor says his students notice how politics ruling the day. Students see Republicans pushing for Kavanaugh and Democrats saying no to the nominee.

"They are kind of baffled," Heberlig said. "Why the actual concern for the truth doesn't seem to be paramount about what's going on in the Senate."

UNCC students hope young people pay attention to what's going on. Some students say they are not into politics, and don't care who sits on the Supreme Court, but their peers say the way this hearing is going - it should be a wake-up call.

“This justice is going to impact our lives for several generations,” UNCC Graduate Student Tabatha Maddox said. “And I would hope they are paying attention and have an opinion.”

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