Charlotte builder finds roast left in oven by squatters, thankful for neighbor tip

Charlotte builder finds roast left in oven by squatters, thankful for neighbor tip

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When you build houses across the city, you get used to a few break-ins here and there, Jason Murphy of Daedalus Properties says.

“We’re used to people breaking into our houses,” he says. “If we are broken into, [they] get in and get out.”

He is used to people taking things out…not so much bringing things in. But he got a call from a neighbor recently saying two people were doing just that.

The house is sitting vacant now, in Wesley Heights. Murphy arrived just after police caught the pair of squatters there.

“At first we saw a broken screen and kind of were relieved, but then we saw they kicked the whole back door in,” he says.

Murphy soon discovered the two had been staying there for quite some time, with clothes and personal items scattered throughout.

“They’d been just kind of enjoying themselves,” he says. “Taking jacuzzies, and using the shower, they were using the master sinks to wash their clothes.”

But a rounded corner to the kitchen and the tour took a turn itself.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was comical really.”

A sizeable slab of meat was placed on one of Murphy’s decorative trays, ready for a nice home-cooked dinner, in the oven.

“It was the end of the tour,” he says. “I opened the oven, I saw the roast and threw my hands up and shook my head and walked out the door.”

With a laugh toward the strangeness of the day, Murphy posted the bizarre experience to Nextdoor.

“Just to be aware of the situation,” he says. “Plus, I just thought it was funny.”

But he does recognize the seriousness of the situation.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” he says. “Could’ve been a lot worse.”

And he’s thankful for his temporary neighbors here and across the city, keeping a lookout until his new homes are sold.

“I think they realize we’re trying to enhance the neighborhood,” he says. “And it’s in their best interest to keep an eye out because it could be them as well.”

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