State rests case against former UNC Charlotte quarterback accused of rape

Kevin Olsen rape accuser back on the stand

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The state rested its case Thursday against former UNC Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen, who is accused of attacking and raping a woman in February 2017.

The victim’s roommate and friend testified Thursday morning. She was the one who took the victim to the hospital.

The woman who says Olsen raped her was back on the stand Tuesday morning.

Olsen is facing three counts of second degree rape and one count to sexual offense.

The accuser faced questions from the defense.

During cross examination, defense attorney George Laughrun and the 25-year-old woman got into an exchange about the fact she took a class about teen health, sexual health and relationship violence but was still in the rocky relationship with Kevin Olsen.

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“I loved him. I was in denial,” she told Laughrun.

She said she was trying to help him from “killing himself” and “from overdosing” from the drugs he was using.

The woman and Olsen were in a dating relationship at the time of the alleged assault.

The ex-girlfriend says it happened in February 2017 after the two went out drinking with friends and went back to Olsen’s place.

On Monday she told jurors she never said no.

Tuesday morning, during cross examination, the woman said that during their year long relationship she never required Olsen to ask before having sex. She said it always just happened.

She acknowledged to the jury that after Olsen was arrested, she still asked friends about him.

At the time he was charged, Olsen was a QB for UNC Charlotte.

The defense questioned why the woman didn’t leave Olsen before if the relationship was tumultuous - whether being close to the family of Olsen’s brother, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, was the reason why she stayed.

She said while did attend Panthers games and Olsen family gatherings, she said “if I really, really wanted to be with him I would have got back in bed with him that night. I wouldn’t have left.”

A friend of the victim told jurors that when she saw the woman about two weeks after the alleged attack, the victim’s bruises were in the healing stages and she was upset.

"It was extremely hard for her seeing the stuff that was being published and put out,” Alidia Hannon testified. “She was very upset. It was hard for her to move forward wondering if people were going to believe her.”

Hannon says the woman who is accusing Olsen of rape didn’t tell her specifics about the alleged attack. She says the woman told her that there was an incident in the bathroom when Olsen tried to take his life.

Under cross examination, Hannon couldn’t remember several texts messages the woman sent her before the attack when they went out drinking together. She also told the defense attorney that she didn’t remember off the top of her head text messages she received shortly after the alleged attack.

A text message the defense wanted jurors to know about was one that Olsen’s ex girlfriend sent Hannon in which she wrote Olsen “wasn’t a rapist.” But Hannon didn’t remember it until the defense showed her a print out of it.

Olsen’s defense attorney says the sex was consensual.

The accuser was the first witness to testify in the trial. She took the stand Monday morning and finished Tuesday morning.

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