Barbershop owners bothered that their volunteer was arrested at a CMS School

Barbershop frustrated with volunteer's arrest.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Owners of No Grease Barbers were in court Tuesday. They were supporting one of their own. Marquise Daye is a student at No Grease. He was at Thomasboro Academy giving haircuts to students at no charge. After giving a few haircut he was arrested and placed with a $30,000 bond. When Daye checked in at the school, he was flagged as a sex offender.

"He is not a sex offender," No Grease Barbershop Owner Jermaine Johnson said. "Does he have a criminal background - yes - as many people who have visited schools before."

The Barbershop owners say Daye never committed a sex crime against a minor and believes an arrest could have been prevented. They are bothered Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) police did not listen to them. They say they are community leaders who have partnered with CMS for about 20 years.

"The community system which we represent was there telling them as leaders of the community that this young man should not be in this predicament," No Grease Barbershop Owner Damian Johnson said. "And if one system can't respect the other system, then we are going to have a problem."

The issue is when Daye was 15 years old he was charged with murdering a minor. That happened more than 10 years ago in Virginia. He served his time and was released about six months ago. He came to No Grease looking for a second chance at life.

"I have a student who was there to serve," Jermaine Johnson said. "Now potentially may serve time in jail."

The issue is in the state of Virginia there are several reasons why one has to register as a sex offender. One reason is if one commits a homicide against a minor. Commissioner Pat Cotham showed up for Daye's first court appearance. She is concerned he was arrested for being something he is not.

"I am just troubled by that," Commissioner Pat Cotham said. "He did not have any charges of sex offenses."

She says she is sympathetic to people who are returning citizens.

"It makes it much more difficult for him," Cotham said. "It's hard enough if you have a record, but if you add sex offense to that - then it's impossible."

The barbershop owners believe this could have been avoided if CMS would have informed them earlier or if Daye could have checked out before volunteering at the school.

"He could have been flagged long before then," Damian Johnson said. "If that was the case, you guys have someone that doesn't fit the requirement."

The Johnson Brothers say they understand protecting students against sex offenders, but arresting somebody who didn't commit a sex crime and then reintroducing that person back into the judicial system is something they don't understand. They believe CMS could have simply ask Daye to leave the campus.

"I would never had put anybody in that predicament," Jermaine Johnson said. "I wouldn't have put him, I wouldn’t have put the school, the office - I would never have brought a person there that would have been a danger to anybody."

The barbershop owners are now rethinking their partnership to CMS. They believe there is something wrong with the judicial system if people are getting flagged for a crime they didn't commit.

“Before we ever return to serve the children,” Jermaine Johnson said. “We have to get an understanding with CMS. The children may have to come to us. We may have to be a little bit more reserved with visiting schools if I am going to put somebody in a system that’s flawed.”

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