Powerful message at ‘Ultimate Power Lunch’

Powerful message at ‘Ultimate Power Lunch’

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Powerful messages shared today at the “Ultimate Power Lunch”, a fundraising event for Dress for Success Charlotte.

The non-profit is well known for dressing women who are trying to re-enter the workforce. But the organization’s efforts go much deeper than clothing.

Dress for Success offers, job acquisition, employment retention, financial education, IT access and support, including Microsoft training. There are also career advancement programs and services.

“When you lift a woman out of poverty, as many as six may follow, and we are going to see a real example of that when we hear from Pam James,” Executive Director Kerry Barr-O’Connor told me.

Pam James moved the crowd to tears as she described the cycle of poverty she was able to break out of through her work with Dress for Success as a client and now as part of their team.

“Although I was born into generational poverty, I am so much more than the circumstances I was born into,” James told the crowd who gave her a standing ovation for her message and her mission!

Special guest for the luncheon was Joi Gordon, President and CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide.

“It’s always changed families lives, and I know the focus has always been on the women we serve, but you can’t just talk about her and not realize the impact on her children’s lives. That’s the beauty of Dress for Success. We suit her for the interview but more importantly we give her the tools she needs to succeed and her children’s lives are better because of it,” Gordon said.

This year’s Paradigm Award was presented to Carolyn and Paul Silas for their decades of support of Dress for Success Charlotte.

If you are interested in volunteering your talents and treasures, or if you need the assistance of Dress for Success, click here.

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