Local waterfowl rescued following hazardous conditions created by Florence

Hundreds of evacuated animals taken in

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - Hundreds of waterfowl have been taken in at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue because of hazardous conditions on the coast after Hurricane Florence.

The rescue center currently houses about 1,000 different animals, including birds, snakes and large mammals.

There was an influx of 306 new animals to the shelter after Hurricane Florence’s contaminated flood waters and heavy winds rendered the coast an unsafe option for the animals to live.

“The water they were in had flushed through the area that had pigs,” said Maria Brenes, Animal Care Manager at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. “The water was filthy. It was full of feces and bacteria so some of them are very sick because of that.”

Sickness, injuries and insufficient resources to live.

“They were starved. They were dirty,” said Brenes. “On top of that they were in the water. The water was really high and many of them didn’t make it.”

With many lives lost due to the hurricane, Brenes is determined to keep the animals they got from the coast safe and comfortable.

“Probably for the first time in their life getting medical care and food and water and clean cages,” said Brenes. “They really love us, and they depend on us especially in a situation of emergency.”

Emergency situations have been all too common for animals in the past weeks.

However, for one little goose at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, the past weeks have been a time of growth and achievement.

Lulu, a Chinese goose, came to the rescue center unable to walk.

After having a wheelchair made for her to help her recover, she slowly started making progress, with Brenes there to help each step of the way.

“They bond with us. They depend on us,” said Brenes.

On Friday, Lulu took her first steps on her own.

While she continues to recover in her wheelchair, hundreds of other waterfowl at the rescue center need to be adopted.

If you want to adopt an animal, you can visit the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Center at 5403 Poplin Road to meet and greet.

You can also visit their website at https://www.cwrescue.org/adopt/ to learn more about the application process to get started with adoption.

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