Charlotte 18-year-old with autism gets surprise sports dream

Charlotte 18-year-old with Autism Gets Surprise Sports Dream Come True

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kurt Cherry, 18, lives with autism which impacts his communication skills.

This Charlotte teen has other struggles too... his father died and his mother is out of the picture. Kurt lives with some of his extended family.

With all that said... Kurt is an awesome kid. Great personality. And he just found out that thanks to local charity Dream On 3, he’s about to have his dream come true, to meet Alabama football coaching legend Nick Saban and all the players he leads.

Kurt screamed with joy when he heard, and slapped high fives to all around.

“Sports and specifically Alabama football are his passion,” said his older cousin, Joe McLean. Joe is Kurt’s primary caregiver. He says “Roll Tide” is all Kurt talks about. “He has a gift for remembering statistics. I am speechless over this news. There’s no way to describe what this will mean for him."

Brandon Lindsey, co-founder of Dream On 3 was in on the unveiling.

“We’re not going to tell you when you’re going,” Brandon told Kurt. “But I’m telling you, next time you see us will be Dream Day. And we’ll all be heading to Alabama!"

Brandon Lindsey says when Dream On 3 contacted Alabama, the reaction was immediate.

“They didn’t hesitate,” he said. “Nick Saban and Miss Terry jumped all over this. Said, we’d love to meet Kurt.”

Kurt chimed in.

“It’ll be epic-ly awesome,” he smiled. “And that’s how we roll...."

Anchor Molly Grantham volunteers closely with Dream On 3 and loves telling their stories. She plans to show us all the VIP treatment once Kurt and his cousin get there.

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