Day 2 of jury selection in Kevin Olsen rape trial

Day 2 of jury selection in Kevin Olsen rape trial

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jury selection in the Kevin Olsen case continues as prosecutors and the defense try to pick a jury to hear the evidence in the rape trial.

WBTV has learned that Olsen’s lawyer plans to tell the jury that his client and the accuser had consensual sex.

The woman, who was in a relationship with Olsen, told police that the then UNC Charlotte QB sexually assaulted her in a house in the University City area.

Olsen was arrested February 2017.

He’s on trial for three counts of second degree rape and one count of sexual offense.

During jury selection Thursday morning, potential jurors said they recognize the defendant brother’s name - Greg Olsen - as the Panthers right end.

They said they can hear the Olsen case despite knowing who the defendant’s brother is.

More people were excused during jury selection.

Olsen has been in court sitting next to his lawyer.

Thursday afternoon, Olsen’s defense attorney questioned potential jurors and reminded them that the defendant is presumed innocent until jurors decide otherwise and that the former quarterback for UNC Charlotte doesn’t have to testify and jurors can’t hold it against Olsen.

He said Olsen and his lawyers don’t have to prove anything, doesn’t have to call witnesses and that jurors can’t hold it against Olsen if the defense doesn’t call witnesses.

A total of 13 people were excused from jury duty during day two of selection.

Jury selection resumes Friday morning.

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