Anson County still struggling with multiple issues days after Florence

Anson County still reeling from effects of Florence

ANSON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Anson County is having a tough time recovering from the effects of Florence. School has been closed for a week and there are dozens of closed roads.

It was on Peru Road, the mayor pro-tem says, that tragedy stuck involving a well-known local resident.

“Mitch Adams, the security guard at the Monroe Mall, he and his son on the way home apparently were overcome by rushing water and he drowned, and the son was saved,” said Marjorie Cole.

From Peru Road to Robinson Bridge Road, and Highway 145, there are at least three dozen closed roads in Anson County.

“Roads are closed, cars have been wrecked,” Cole added.

“Completely washed out, pipes and bridges are gone completely, said Rodney Diggs, Emergency Services Director of Anson County.

There are detours everywhere, and while most drivers respect the barricades, others don’t.

In Morven town officials dealt with days of no power in which every business in the town was closed. They say someone even broke into the Family Dollar and stole several items.

The owner of the Jazz Spot took a tough financial hit.

“The power was out three days, Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, we have to close the store all that days,” store owner Victoria said. Town leaders say they are getting a lot of help, both from the state and volunteers. They say it will still be several weeks before all the roads are open again and the damage cleaned up… and as the mayor-pro said, they continue to mourn the loss of Mitch Adams

“That kind of touched everybody in town because the person was well-known,” Cole said.

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