Rowan County Fair finally back open after closing due to Florence

Rowan County Fair finally open after closing due to Florence

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Organizers of the annual county fair in Rowan County are hoping for a big night and rest of the week after missing three days due to the rains that came with Florence over the weekend.

And for many, it’s not just a Ferris wheel and cotton candy, it’s about doing something they wait all year for.

Tonight, organizers are hoping for a big night.

Rowan County Fair Opens

It’s carload night, load up your car with people, get in for a discounted rate, they’re hoping that promotions like that will help make up for all the money lost when the fair couldn’t open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“Farmers have all year to make up if they have a rain out, we’ve got nine days to do it,” says Johnny Love, fair manager.

Fair manager Johnny Love says they need a few busy days and nights between now and Saturday. The weather has played havoc with the county fair circuit, both here and across the state.

“The Cabarrus County Fair in Concord, they had to close early simply because of the weather situation, the Sanford fair never opened at all,” Charles Belknap, Powers & Thomas Marketing Director.

This fair did manage to open on Monday, but it’s been a little slow. On Wednesday students from local daycares were enjoying a visit.

But the county fair is about more than just what happens on the midway.

“I’ve been showing for a long time now,” said Josie. “It’s fun showing with everybody and being competitive.”

Josie is only 14 and has been exhibiting her lambs at the fair for most of her life, and that element of the fair is important to this community.

“The fair is your one opportunity for the agricultural community to come together and show off their prize possession,” Love added. “Plus, it’s great for the kids and the FFA and 4H, they can come out and show what they’ve learned through agriculture and farming and showing their animals.”

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