Overflowing Pee Dee River in Cheraw finally crested; residents hoping worst has passed

Overflowing Pee Dee River in Cheraw finally crested; residents hoping worst has passed
Pee Dee River

CHERAW, SC (WBTV) - The National Guard is in Cheraw ready to do high water rescues. But, emergency workers say the good news is the guardsmen have not been needed so far Tuesday.

Fire officials say according to the National Weather Service, the Pee Dee River crested around 46.6 feet. By mid-afternoon the river dropped to 45.6 feet.

“So it has started receding” said Cheraw Fire Chief Marvin Murray. “I think we've reached our peak. Barring an unexpected event, I think we've seen the worst of it."

Murray says the river’s normal flood stage is 30 feet. So what happened in Cheraw the last couple of days is anything but normal. Laney Landing is underwater and so are other spots in town.

It's not just the river overflowing that had Cheraw anxious.

Tropical Storm Florence came with an unrelenting rainfall. “Storm system just had so much rain the storm drainage system just couldn't handle that much water at one time. About as fast as the water came when the rains quit it went back down again” Chief Murray said.

The Fire Chief says it will likely be days for the water in the Pee Dee to go down.

On Wallace Drive where the Pee Dee ignored its banks and moved in on part of the street, William Green and Barbara Hall have been keeping an eye on the river and their street. "Scary” said Hall. “Because they was telling us about the dam that has a 4 inch crack in it and if it comes we’re all gonna be gone.”

William Green said “they had evacuations order for all of us to get to higher - at least 3 miles from here.”

Hall and Green say they’re worried that a dam near Rockingham, NC will give way and Cheraw – especially their street next to the river – will get a deluge of water.

“But it ain’t easy.” Said Green. “It ain’t easy around here because it’s gotta you worried. If that dam goes everything we own is gone.”

Fire officials say they have not been told that the dam is in danger of breaching.

“Most of the danger is over with,” said Chief Murray. “Barring any unexpected failure from a big pond upstream I feel like we’ve

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