Cramerton businesses prep for severe flooding of Catawba River

Areas near Catawba River prepare for floods

CRAMERTON, NC (WBTV) - This weekend, there is a threat of flooding around the South Fork of the Catawba River, where the water is expected to rise about 15 feet there.

One stretch of downtown Cramerton is anticipating those flood waters Saturday night.

“It gets pretty bad over here sometimes,” Flloyd and Blackie’s barista Hailey Harwell says.

Despite expected flooding in the area, the coffee shop on eighth street remains open for business.

“We’ve got plenty of people that we’ve got to stick around for them,” Harwell says.

The shop, and its neighbors, are right up against the South Fork of the Catawba River. They’ve seen flooding up to the street before.

“It looks like a river,” Harwell says. “The whole place, through the streets, it’s a river. Up to your knees, ankles.”

But this time, firefighters two doors down say, this water will likely be up to their waist. That’s how high it was in 2013 when the water rose 17 feet.

“It’s surreal, you don’t think something’s going to be that bad, until it actually hits,” coffee shop customer Chloe Johnson says.

Sand bags and mats are in place, as those fire crews have prepared their station for flooding. So has the drug store between it and the coffee shop.

“It makes you think,” Johnson says. “Are we okay, is everything going to be okay, like I said you don’t know what to expect.”

But the shop’s certain they will be just fine, in spite of the expected flood.

“As long as the power’s on, as long as the water’s hot, we’re here,” Harwell says.

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