Damage, flooding left behind after Florence dumps rain across WBTV viewing area

Damage, flooding left behind after Florence dumps rain across WBTV viewing area
There were reports of damage, power outages and downed trees in multiple areas in and around Charlotte throughout the day. (Source: WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rain and wind swept through Charlotte and surrounding areas as Florence continued to move across the Carolinas.

Sunday morning, toppled trees, downed power lines and road closures continued to pose issues across the WBTV viewing area.

Areas in the town of Cheraw, SC, were under water while a Flash Flood Warning was issued for Mecklenburg County.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks said it’s “very dangerous" in Cheraw, as some areas were flooded by five to six feet.

N Tryon Street was closed in Charlotte due to flooding under the bridge.

In Charlotte’s Plaza Midwood area, a canopy ripped off the roof if a business on Central Avenue where a tenant was sleeping.

In Rowan County, a tree fell on power lines on Concord Road at Yost Road.

A tree brought down power lines across Bud Wilson Road in Gastonia, closing the area down around 3 a.m.

A tree also fell on Sam Newell Road at Crown point Elementary School in Matthews, bringing power lines down and closing the road.

Saturday, WBTV had crews reporting in places where storm damage was reported and monitoring areas that are prone to flooding.

Medic says they responded to 355 incidents Saturday, 18 of which were tree related and 46 of which were traffic incidents.

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According to the Duke Energy Outage Map, more than 14,000 people experienced power outages in Mecklenburg County. By Sunday, that number was slightly over 15,000.

Emergency officials with MEDIC says they responded to 31 traffic accidents and 12 incidents including falling trees but no injuries.

Early Saturday morning, WBTV reporters Caroline Hicks, Kristi O’Connor, David Whisenant and John Carter went to multiple places in Charlotte and surrounding areas where trees and power lines were down.

A family’s home on Malvern Road was damaged after a tree smashed through their roof Friday afternoon.

A neighbor said two young children were asleep on the floor below where tree fell, but luckily no one was hurt.

Tree comes down as in Plaza Midwood neighborhood as Florence rains move in

Around 6:16 a.m., the northbound lane and merging lane on Nations Ford Road north of Archdale Drive was blocked off after a tree brought down power lines across the road.

Close to 7 a.m., wind knocked down a power pole that was leaning on power lines on South Tryon Street near Southampton Road.

Around 9:40 a.m., a tree hit a home and knocked down four power poles on Howard Street in north Charlotte.

That same tree split and hit and second home on Howard Street.

A tree came down on Margaret Wallace Road, causing a power outage on Highway 74 from Krefeld Drive to Harris Boulevard.

Power was out for a couple hours in the area before energy crews showed up to clean the area and restore power.

In Chesterfield County, a tree took down power lines for a mile-long stretch on Highway 9 between Mt. Croghan and Ruby.

Drivers were advised to take a detour on Highway 265 as Sheriff Jay Brooks said it could be Monday before the area is cleared.

Saturday afternoon, damage was still happening in Charlotte and surrounding areas as WBTV reporters Anne Marie Hagerty, Ben Williamson, Amanda Foster, Nate Wimberly and Coleen Harry went out to capture those affected by the weather.

Around 2 p.m. crews on Providence Road West were working to clear a tree that came down.

In Mint Hill, a limb came down, covering the front lawn of a home on Brief Road.

No one was hurt but the homeowner says the tree dented the gutter.

Neighbors near Melchor Ave in Charlotte say they just lost power after tree crashed down onto a house Saturday morning. The family says power did not go out until 10-12 hours later, and neighbors say they were told not to expect power for days.

Power was out for several people in a Matthews neighborhood as a tree fell into an active power line.

About 30 minutes after the tree came down, Duke Energy crews were out to the location to repair the lines.

A tree came down in a person’s yard in the Plaza Midwood area. The tree had been marked by the city as a tree that needed to be taken down, but weather conditions got to it first.

The homeowner was relieved that the tree did not end up in the street and that no one was hurt.

Trees down in Union County

A couple of trees came down in Union County on Potter Road. The homeowner says two trees fell but no one was hurt.

Cable wires hanging in the road and the road was blocked at Embassy Court.

A cover collapsed at a gas station in Fort Mill on Spratt Street, but no injuries were reported.

Aluminum panels continued to fall as the wind picked up until the middle panels snapped off and crashed to the ground.

Luckily, nobody was hurt when this happened.

The Cramerton Fire Department on in Gaston County expected flooding from the river so they worked to protect the building as best they could before evacuating to another station Sunday.

The drug store next to the fire station did their own preps for the expected flood.

Firefighters say the last time the area got as much rain as they are expected to get was 2013.

Around 8 p.m. a tree fell on a home on Fern Cliff Road in Gaston County. Firefighters said six people were inside the home sitting down to dinner when the tree crashed through the roof. Luckily no one was injured, but the house did suffer heavy damage.

WBTV spoke with the homeowner of the Gastonia home.

The massive tree split the home in two, while seven people were inside.

The homeowner says a child was watching TV right where the tree fell, but everyone is okay.

The residents of the home are staying with a neighbor Saturday night.

At 8:53 p.m., the Town of Matthews reported three cars crushed by one tree at the Paces Pointe Apartment homes. No injuries were reported.

A large tree came down on Mill Street in Rock Hill. No injuries were reported.

The Rock Hill Fire Department responded to that incident Saturday night.

On Sunday, flooding had a serious impact on the Charlotte area.

The canopy ripped off a roof and crashed in front of businesses on Central Avenue in Charlotte.

CMPD says it happened around 6 a.m. and a tenant was sleeping inside because his house lost power.

No one was hurt and police say they did not know who owned the car damaged in front of the business.

Heavy flooding was reported at McMullen Creek Greenway South.

In Harrisburg, flooding caused a road closure on Stallings Road as swift moving water was across the road.

Officials strongly advised against driving through any of these roads that are flooded.

Union County Emergency Management, issued a curfew for all of Union County from 7 p.m. on Sunday until 7 a.m. on Monday due to the severe weather conditions in the county.

There was severe flooding at Lake Lee Dam in front of the Monroe Country Club and water spilling onto Highway 74.

People in the area said Lake Lee Dam had never been flooded that bad, and had never made it into the parking lot.

Picnic tables were under the flood water at the location.

Severe flooding impacted multiple areas in Charlotte, with some of the worst impacting south Charlotte.

In Gaston County, a 3-month-old child was killed when a tree fell through a mobile home in Dallas.

Neighbors say when the tree crashed into the home, the parents were in the living room with the infant.

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