Charlotte-area breweries offer water to community ahead of storm

Charlotte-area breweries offer water to community ahead of storm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Clean, filtered drinking water is becoming harder to come by in some areas of North Carolina as the storm draws closer.

“A lot of the local grocery stores were running out of water,” Resident Culture Brewing Company’s Amanda McLamb says.

In a city that seems to be a bit low on water bottle supply, how about filtered water from a tank…a big one.

“There’s over a thousand gallons of water in there,” McLamb’s head brewer Chris Tropeano says.

With a run on grocery stores ahead of the storm, some are stocked with h20, others, not so much.

Enter, local breweries.

“They’re family to us,” McLamb says. “So, we wanted to make sure that we can do that for them.”

Brewers like Charlotte’s Resident Culture are announcing on social media, the opening of their spickets to the masses. Same goes for Blue Blaze Brewing across town.

“The beauty, I think, is in its simplicity,” owner Craig Nunn says. “Water’s such a necessary part of nature and living.”

And, it’s his brewery’s namesake. “Blue blaze” is a hiking term.

“To direct hikers to a source of water,” Nunn says.

These beer brewers don’t mind sparing a tank or two as Florence nears.

Rivermen Brewing in Belmont got the idea when bringing water home themselves.

“A light bulb went off in my head and I said, you know what, we can fill up a tank,” David Gonzalez says.

It’s all about a little community support during this uncertainty, waiting for the storm to arrive.

“We’re resilient people here,” Gonzalez says. “We’ll be fine. We help each other, we’ll be good.”

“You don’t really know whether or not it’s going to be just a passing thing, or whether or not this community needs to pick itself up,” McLamb says.

None of these breweries have any plans to close for the weekend, as of Thursday night. They ask those who plan to come by for some water, to please bring containers.

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