Piedmont Medical Center psychiatrists anticipate rise in anxiety, depression during Hurricane Florence

Piedmont Medical Center psychiatrists anticipate rise in anxiety, depression Hurricane Florence

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - During times of natural disasters and other crises, psychiatrists with Piedmont Medical Center say they see more patients experiencing anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Dr. Paul Brar says the storm-related stress is often due to families not having a place to go and not knowing what they will come home to.

He says people who have experienced anxiety or depression in the past, are more likely to experience it again during stressful times. However, some people may experience it for the first time due to Hurricane Florence.

Children, young adults and people of lower socioeconomic statuess are also more likely to experience storm-related stress.

Brar advises you to see a psychiatrist as soon as you can to learn more about coping with the anxious feelings.

But if you cannot get to a doctor immediately, there are healthy choices you can make to improve your state of mind.

“Simple things like walking, mild exercise, and eating right” Brar said. “Because it is stress, not using drugs or alcohol and things like that. Even taking some over the counter Benadryl can reduce anxiousness.”

Brar says it is important for parents to collect their emotions around their children, since your stress can lead to apprehension in your children.

He says children need more reassurance that they will be safe during the storm.

“It can linger for 2 to 5 years for some people, especially for people who have anxiety, depression or PTSD from previous experiences,” Brar said. “We still feel the lingering effects from Katrina.”

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