Humane Society of Charlotte taking in furry Florence evacuees

Humane Society of Charlotte taking in furry Florence evacuees

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Humane Society of Charlotte got a big delivery Thursday when vans from animal shelters along the North and South Carolina coasts brought cats, dogs and even some rabbits in to the Queen City.

“We’re expecting between 30 and 50 animals today,” said Emily Cook, marketing manager for the Humane Society of Charlotte. “We are providing shelter for the animals that need it.”

When the evacuation order was issued for the coast of North and South Carolina, it meant that each animal in a shelter along the water had to be moved to a safe, alternate housing location. With heightened senses of smell and hearing, animals can be particularly sensitive to major storms when they hit.

“We’re preparing but this is definitely seems a little more daunting than it has in the past,” said Donna Stucker, Vice President of Development for the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Stucker has worked in Charlotte for the past decade and says she has never seen anything quite like the preparation for Florence.

One of the evacuees from the coast was 5-month-old Tubs, a pincher puppy from the Outer Banks.

“This guy is a little evacuee from North Carolina and is going to be staying with us until it’s safe to go home,” said Cook.

Tubs will be stay at the shelter in Charlotte until his home by the coast is safe again. Because he is not from here, he is not up for adoption at the Charlotte shelter. However, if you want to help the evacuated animals that have just arrived here, you can donate to the cause.

The Humane Society asked for pet food, toys and supplies to help manage all the new residents at their shelter. They are also accepting monetary donations on their website here.

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