Florence bringing heavy rains to WBTV area over the weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Florence Friday AM landfall, not as strong as it could have been, still TONS of rain.

There is some good news as far as Florence is concerned. The winds fell to 90mph as of the 11pm update. That’s a category 1.

The bad news is that the biggest concern with this storm is the rain. Flooding is a huge possibility through the weekend. The storm will pummel the NC coast all night. Winds will only increase toward morning. Rain will be heavy… and it is a slow mover. That means rain totals at the coast will likely be measured in feet – not inches.

On Friday, we could see gusty winds and a few showers in the WBTV viewing area but most of the action will remain to our east. On Saturday, things will start to go downhill here. We will have heavy rain Saturday and Sunday. It could still be raining on Monday. That could add up to several inches of rain. We could pick up 6-8” of rain on average. Some of the eastern slopes of the mountains could get 10”+ due to upslope flow. Winds are the other concern. We could see 30-40mph winds, with gusts up to about 50mph. The highest winds should be Saturday night and into Sunday. Add to that a small tornado risk over the weekend.

That is a concern because once the ground is saturated, the constant winds could start to loosen roots and cause trees and power lines to come down. That means possible power outages. Nobody wants that!

This should all begin to wind down by Monday.

We will continue to monitor this all weekend!

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