Family prepares to deliver first baby as state prepares for Florence

Family prepares to deliver first baby as state prepares for Florence

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Having your first baby is stressful enough, but put that due date right in the middle of a hurricane hitting and it’s a whole different story.

That’s the situation for dozens of women set to deliver this week at Novant Presbyterian Hospital, including Alli Patton.

Patton and her fiancé Josh Bridges aren’t just preparing for a hurricane, they’re also preparing for their first baby.

“It’s definitely the craziest week we’ve had since we’ve been pregnant, to be honest,” said Patton.

Her original due date was September 19, but on Tuesday, she found out baby boy was getting a little too big for her belly. So, her doctor bumped up her delivery to this week, just as Hurricane Florence was gaining steam.

Patton says they were scheduled to be induced at Presbyterian last night, but they arrived to find there were no available rooms.

“They called us, told us to come in this morning, by the time we got there, they were too full again, so now we’re on-call, waiting around the hospital to be induced. Hopefully by today,” Patton explained.

Novant officials say they’re at routine capacity, but when they have a lot of patients coming in to deliver babies, those in active labor get first preference on available rooms over patients waiting to be induced.

Patton’s fiancé is just trying to keep the mood light as they wait for it to be their turn.

“Just trying to keep her calm, stay joking, keep her form freaking out on us,” Bridges said.

All they can do now is hope the baby comes before the brunt of this storm.

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