York County leaders prepare for up to 10 inches of rain from Hurricane Florence

York County leaders prepare for 7 to 10 inches of rain from Hurricane Florence

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Since Friday, York County leaders and city leaders from various York County municipalities have been in contact with state leaders about the path of Hurricane Florence.

As of Wednesday afternoon, York County Emergency Management leaders expect York County to get anywhere from seven to ten inches of rain. They are urging residents of the county to have enough food and water to sustain them for 72 hours.

“I think the concern with this hurricane is that it’s going to dump a lot of rain, and it’s slow moving so it could be very drawn out,” Emergency Management Specialist Mike Lewis said. “So we are predicting seven to ten inches of rain but it’s never guaranteed.”

“We are urging residents to be prepared,” York County Public Information Officer Trish Startup said. “Prepare for 72 hours for you, your family and your pets.”

As of noon, the City of Rock Hill closed trails and river launch points at River Park, Riverwalk and trail access from Red River Road. The parks will be closed until further notice.

In addition, Broad River in Hickory Grove, access to the Fort Mill Dam in Tega Cay and access to the Catawba River at Daltons Landing Road are closed.

As of Wednesday, the county has prepared locations to act as shelters if need be. However, the county is not disclosing those locations until it they determine the shelters will be warranted. They say the locations will be announced on the county website and social media sites once they are open to the public.

If you recently built a home or are in charge of a construction site, the county is urging you to make sure it is prepared to weather the storm. They say, despite rain from the hurricane, you are responsible for any runoff from the construction site.

Below are tips to prepare your site from York County:

  • All silt fences are properly installed and clear of silt build up.
  • All storm drains and channels are cleared and functional.
  • All swales and check dams are functional and cleared of previous silt build up.
  • To secure all loose debris, fuel tanks, and construction materials.

If you have basins on site, make sure:

  • All skimmers are unclogged and functional.
  • All slopes are stabilized with appropriate matting.
  • Slopes are properly tracked parallel to the basin floor.
  • Trash racks and riser vents are clear.
  • All emergency spillways are free of excess vegetation and debris.

After the rain stops, immediately inspect your site and correct whatever BMPs need repairs.

If you have questions, please call York County environmental Compliance at at 803.909.7250

To learn if you live in a flood plain click here: https://maps.yorkcountygov.com/gvh5/Index.html?viewer=DFIRM_viewer

The City of Rock Hill is also preparing for heavy rain and wind. City leaders say power crews from Florida are on standby to assist the city if residents experience mass outages. However, they urge you to be patient because if winds reach 40 miles per hour or more, city crews cannot safely be in the elements.

They say as of now, all garbage collection times will go on as scheduled. All Parks, Recreation and Tourism events planned for the weekend have been canceled.

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