Woman shot, injured in Kings Mountain

Woman shot, injured in Kings Mountain
Kings Mountain criminal investigation pursues shooter.

Kings Mountain, NC (WBTV) -

Police report that a driver was shot after a man fired several rounds into her car off Highway 74 in the early morning hours of Sept 9.

The Kings Mountain Police Department responded to a report that a woman had been shot at the Scotchman One Stop on Shelby Road shortly before 3:00 am.

The victim was transported to Cleveland Regional Medical Center where she was treated before being released.

Police report that both the victim and a witness described the man who shot her as an African American who was 5’6” tall and 200 lbs. He was wearing a camouflage t-shirt and hat as well as purple gloves and had dreadlocks that were 10-12” in length as well as a large gap in between his front teeth.

After shooting at the victim’s car, police say that the man drove away from the scene in a white, four-door vehicle. The car is believed to have driven towards Shelby on Highway 74.

The incident is being investigated by the Kings Mountain Police Department and anyone with information relevant to this case is encouraged to call Lieutenant Todd McDougal at 704-734-0444.

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