Carolinas prepare for possible Hurricane nearly a week before expected landfall

Carolinas prepare for possible Hurricane nearly a week before expected landfall

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster declaring a State of Emergency, as officials are describing Hurricane Florence as a statewide event. This means the entire state could be impacted by the storm.

The executive order allows all state agencies to coordinate resources in preparation for Florence.

Governor McMaster says the storm is very unpredictable, but officials want to start acting now. The governor did not issue any evacuation orders.

He says it's still too early to make that decision.

Meanwhile North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has already declared a State of Emergency.

The governor has waived transportation rules to help farmers harvest and transport crops more quickly. He also says emergency management officials are working with federal officials to prepare the state for any potential impacts.

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Both Governor Cooper and Governor McMaster are urging people to prepare now.

This includes knowing your evacuation zone, building an emergency kit, and fueling your cars before the storm hits.

If you’re like most people, you enjoyed Saturday’s sun and blue skies, but it’s the those who have planned for the future that are ahead of the game.

“It’s definitely too early to panic and the best way to not panic is to be prepared,” Richard Maher, the manager of Northern Tool and Equipment along Statesville Road in Charlotte.

Maher says with the hurricane that’s brewing along the coast, he’s seen more calls and customers in his store as people try to figure out what they need to get through Florence.

“The phone traffic that we have been getting is what do we have and what’s going to be available.”

Maher expects generators to be selling like hot cakes soon and he says chainsaws have been another top priority as trees are very likley to fall with the strong winds that may come through.

Grocery stores like Walmart have had a slew of people trying to stock up on bread and milk just in case the worst happens.

“All types of groceries, canned goods and water are the most important things. You can get by without power as long as you have the necessities.”

When it comes to the weather, we may not know what’s coming exactly, but when it comes to weathering the storm, we have the power to get the tools to be able to ride it out.

“I’m just waiting for people to start beating our doors down.”

It’s important to remember that if you do have to use a generator in the coming days, make sure that it is kept outside and not inside your home or garage to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or fires.

If you are worried about someone taking it, simply use a chain to lock it up.

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