Police: Gaston county teens vandalize more than 60 cars with B.B. gun

60+ vehicles damaged by BB guns

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Dozens of car owners in Gaston County woke up Friday morning to see the windows of their vehicle had been destroyed.

It's a situation that has police in Belmont combing through more than 60 cases in which vandals spent the night shooting B.B. guns at parked cars in multiple parts of the county.

“First thing I thought was maybe it was an accident… a rock had popped up off the street or something like that,” said Scott Thompson.

Thompson lives in Belmont and says he started his day like any other. He got dressed and headed out the door to take on the day, but soon realized he was hit with a monkey wrench.

“I walked up the street and I noticed my neighbor’s cars was the same way. I went the other way and my neighbor’s car was busted out. So I knew something went down.”

The back window to Thompson's car was completely shattered and glass was everywhere. Nothing was taken, but Thompson would be just one of more than 60 victims in cases police in Belmont would be trying to tackle. This comes after officials say 18-year-old Duncan Hopkins and 19-year-old Nigel Baker went on shooting spree with a B.B. gun – only aiming at parked cars.

“Young and dumb go hand in hand. So I imagine that’s all this is,” said Thompson.

Officials say the duo didn’t stop in Belmont, they hit the road traveling to other nearby cities like Mount Holly and Cramerton to do the same thing. Both teens are now behind bars just hours after their late-night shenanigans.

“I’m impressed with the Belmont police that they caught them - and so quickly. I think that really speaks to the safety," said Briget Seelinger, another victim.

Seelinger, whose car is now in the shop, says two of her windows on her bright blue Fiesta Ford were destroyed by the teens too. When she saw the aftermath she completely broke down.

“Yeah I cried… her name is Bubbles and she’s very special to me.”

Seelinger is from out of town and says she couldn’t wait around to get her car fixed and the thousands of dollars she spent for new windows has burned a whole in her pocket.

“I’m a registered nurse, I don’t have a lot of money so this has been pretty devastating.”

Police officers have not yet said how they were able to catch the accused vandals, and some victims say they’re hoping to press charges.

Both Hopkins and Baker have been given a bond for $10,000 each.

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