Gaston County officer returns to work after recovering from tragedy that killed wife, sister

Gaston County officer returns to work after recovering from tragedy that killed wife, sister

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Gaston County Police officer Josh Self is ready to return to the ranks of law enforcement. Self returned to the department Tuesday after being away for several months.

In May, the officer was seriously injured when his own father, Roger Self, drove a vehicle into the restaurant where the Self family had been dining. Josh’s sister, Kate Self and wife, Amanda Self, were killed in the incident.

Josh was left with a cracked ankle, lacerated liver, punctured lung, bleeding on the brain, an orbital fracture, four broken ribs, and a broken back.

After a summer of recovering, the law enforcement officer has started working out at the gym again.

“It’s not the way I’m wired to sit around and do nothing and kind of dwell on things. It was important to me to kind of get back to work to be with friends and family and colleagues at work and they’ve all been a huge support group for me,” explained Josh Self in a phone interview Wednesday night.

The law enforcement officer said that it didn’t take him long to get back into the swing of things.

“I was a little nervous yesterday when I checked on duty for the first time, but within a few miles down the road it was like old times,” said Self.

While the officer admitted he isn’t 100 percent when it comes to his physical health, he said he feels he is physically fit enough to do his job effectively.

“It’s good to get back in uniform and get kind of get my life back to normal and start that whole process,” explained Self.

The officer shared a picture of himself in uniform on his Instagram page Tuesday. He said he wanted to show his friends and family members that he was taking the next step in getting back to work.

“I did it mainly just to tell them thank you and thank you for your support.”

Self said he is very thankful for all of the support he has received from people in and around the community. He said he wouldn’t be where he is physically or mentally without the help of so many people. However, the officer admits that some days are still tough for him and his family.

“I have good days and bad days just like my kids do, but obviously I think it would be more abnormal if I didn’t have good days and bad days,” said Self.

Taylor Self Potter, Josh’s sister, says her brother is a great person and she expects him to continue to do great things.

“To say that I’m proud of my brother would be an understatement. Since May 20th, we as a family have emotionally battled through so many milestones without those loved ones who we lost, we have celebrated birthdays of both of Josh and Amanda’s children, announced pregnancies and simply trying to establish as new of a normal lifestyle as possible. This is one milestone that I know without a doubt that Amanda and Kate would be so proud of. Josh is an outstanding officer, father and brother and he will continue to do great things."

Josh Self said he has been assigned to work as a school resource officer at Stuart Cramer High School in Cramerton. He is looking forward to working with the students and staff at the school.

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