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Send WBTV your story ideas

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WBTV News wants to make it easy for you to contact the right person at our station for the information you want to share or need.

Consumer Stories:  To send suggestions for a consumer-related story, click here to email Kristen Miranda.

News Tips:  To report breaking news, call 704-374-3691 or email

PSI Charlotte:  Got a story you want Anchor Jamie Boll and our Problem Solvers Investigators to look into?  Call 704-374-3511 or email

Speak OutFor feedback or suggestions concerning our weekly editorials, email  

Stretching your Dollar:  Anchor Maureen O'Boyle is always looking for way to save you money.  Click here to email your money-saving ideas.

The Good News is...:  If you know of a positive story such as a person or group helping others in the community, email Kristen Hampton at

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