Charlotte bus route changes due to inclement weather

(The following is from the Charlotte Area Transportation System.)

Inclement Weather Updates
Date and Time:      
3/2/2009 5:01     Buses will not be entering any parking lots that are covered with ice.  Passengers will need to stand along main streets to catch these buses, this will primarily be Park-N-Rides on express routes. Also as conditions change it will be determined if buses should begin entering neighborhoods on a limited basis.
stop time
Rt 1-Mt. Holly     Standard Detour
Outbound: Use regular route to Rozzelles Ferry and Hovis Rd. R- Hovis Rd,       R- Salem Church Rd (EOL- 1st bus stop)
* Do not serve Toddville
Inbound: Resume the regular route 
Rt 2-Ashley Park 3:30:00 AM   Standatd Detour
Outbound: From CTC                                                                                                                                      Use regular route to Morehead St. Continue on Morehead St to Wilkinson Blvd, R-Wilkinson, R- Alleghany Rd.  Inbound: Contine on Alleghany, R-Ashley continue on Ashley to Joy. R- Joy, L- Heywood, L- Dublin, R- Ashley, L-Wilkinson  Blvd, L- Morehead St & resume regular route Inbound. 
Rt 3-The Plaza     Standard Detour
Outbound: Use regular route to Plaza and Barrington Dr (EOL), R - Barrington Dr, R- Milton back to The Plaza, L-Plaza and resume regular route inbound.
*Do not serve Grier Rd, Orr Rd & CPCC Campus. The campus is closed.
Rt 4-Country Club     Standard Detour   
Outbound: Use regular Route to Plaza and Matherson. Continue on Plaza to Shamrock (one street past Matheson). R - Shamrock, R - Virginia,                      R - Matherson, L - Plaza and Resume inbound.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Rt 5 - Airport     Standard Detour
Use the Regular Route 
Rt 6 - Kings Drive     Standard Detour
Route 6 inbound only reg route to Baxter
& Torrence
R.Kings resume
Route 7 - Beatties Ford
North Lake Mall
    Standard Detour
Outbound: Regular route to Beatties Ford and Trinity Rd.
R - Trinity Rd, Continue straight on Trinity Rd to LakeView Rd.
*** Do Not Service Feldbanks Dr ***
R -Lakeview Rd , Continue on Lakeview  Rd to Statesville Rd. L - Statesville Rd,
L - W T Harris Blvd, R - NorthLake Center, R- Perimiter Roadway (@ Bus shelter (EOL)
Inbound From EOL
R - At stop sign - To exit Northlake Mall, L- WT Harris Blvd, R - Statesville Rd,      R- Lakeview Rd and continue Regular Route to CTC.
Route 7 - Beatties Ford
    Standard Detour
Use Regular Route
Route 7 -Beatties Ford
    Standard Detour
Regular route Sunset and Statesville.
**Make turn around at Spector Dr.**
**Do not Service Gibbons Rd** 
Rt 8-Tuckaseegee      Standard Detour 
***Do Not Service Walnut, Sumter Ave, State St, Carol Ave, Brice and Parkway Ave.
Use Regular Route to 4th St and Walnut Ave.
Continue straight on 4th onto Tuckaseegee Rd, L - Ashley Rd,                              R-Tuckaseegee Rd, R - Edgewood Rd, L- Freedom Dr, R - Thriftwood Dr (EOL),
 R -Interurban Ave, R - Hovis Rd, R -Bradford onto Edgewood Rd,                            L- Tuckaseegee Rd,  L - Ashley Rd, R - Tuckaseegee Rd and continue straight to 4th st. R - 4th and continue regular route to the Center.
Rt 9-Central Ave - Base      Standard Detour Base RT
**Service the End Of Line in Reverse
Outbound: Use regular route to Albemarle Rd and Executive Center Dr.
Continue on Albemarle Rd to Farm pond Ln. R - Farm pond Ln (EOL).
R - Executive Center Dr, L - Albemarle Rd  and resume regular Route to CTC
Rt 9-Central Ave  -Sav-a lot     Standard Detour Base RT
 Outbound Regular Route to Central & Redman
R. Redman
L. Albemarle and resume Reverse inbound
Rt 10- West Blvd      Standard Detour                                                                                                                                                      **Use the Regular Route 
Route 11 North Tryon
Trips To UNCC
    Standard Detour
Trips will service UNCC only
**Do not service Pavilion Blvd**
Outbound: From CTC (use regular route to UNCC Campus)

R- At the stop sign, R- Mallard Creek Church Rd /John Kirk Dr, L- University City Blvd / Hwy 49 @ traffic light, L  Mallard Creek Church Rdt, L  Hwy #29 / N. North Tryon St & resume the regular route inbound to CTC.
Rt 12-S Blvd     Standard Detour
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ***Do not serve  Pine Valley Stay on South Blvd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Rt 13-Nevin Road     Standard Detour                                                                                                                                               From CTC, Use Regular Route to N Graham St and Hutchinson-McDonald Rd                                                                                                                                                L- Hutchinson- McDonald Rd,  R - Cindy lane,  R - Statesville Ave and resume the regular route inbound to CTC.
stop time
Rt 14-Providence Rd     Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC (use regular route inbound & outbound)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Rt 15-Randolph Rd     Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC                                                                                                                                        Use regular route to Hawthorne and 4th. L - 4th St onto Randolph Rd., Continue on Randolph Rd to Greenwich Rd, L-Greenwich, R-Colwick Rd,          R-Sharon Rd, R-Randolph Rd and reverse route inbound                                             
Rt 16P-South Tryon     Standard Detour
From CTC. Regular route to South Tryon and Remount.                                                                                               Continue Straight on South Tryon to Pressley Rd.                                                                                                                                                                        R- Pressley Rd, R- Rose Thorne Pl (EOL). Return to CTC inbound in reverse.
***Do Not service South Side Homes
Rt 16T - Lynx Tyvola     Standard Detour                                                                                                                                                      **Use the Regular Route 
Rt 17-Commonwealth      Standard Detour
From CTC Regular route to Thomas Ave and Commonwealth Ave. Continue straight on Commonwealth Ave to Woodland Dr. L - Woodland Dr, L - Eastway Dr, R-Central Ave., R-Sharon Amity Rd, L - Independence Blvd, L- Idlewild Rd,   R- Electra Ln, R- Buick Dr,  L-Independence Blvd, R-Crown point Executive center Drive (EOL). Resume Inbound route in reverse.                                                                                                                                                              ***NOTE: On both inbound & outbound trips DO NOT SERVICE Green Oaks or Briar Creek Rd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Rt 18-Selwyn Ave     Standard Detour
Regular Route
Rt 19-Park Road     Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC                                                                                                                                                                                    Use regular route to the S. Tryon Street & Morehead St, Continue straight on    S. Tryon St, L-Carson Blvd., R-South Blvd. L-East Blvd.                                                                                                Inbound: To CTC - Use regular route to Euclid and East Blvd, Contiune straight to S.Blvd, R- S. Blvd, L-Stonewall, R-College and Resume the regular route

Rt 19W-Sharon Rd     Regular Route to Sharon Road West/ South  Blvd, L-South Blvd,R- Westinghouse,R-Crump Road to Sharon Road West Station   Inbound:L-Crump,L-Westinghouse,L-S.Blvd, And Resume                       
Rt 20 - Queens Rd     Standard Detour
Base Route: From CTC - Use regular route to Providence Rd & Queens Rd,       L-Providence, R- Wendover Rd, L-Sharon and resume the regular route to Pineville/Matthews Rd, R- Pineville/Matthews, L- Carolina Place Pkwy,               L- @Tweeter Audio & continue to the bus shelter                                                                                                                                                Inbound: To CTC                                                                                                                                                                        Left at 1st stop sign, R- Carolina Place Pkwy, R- Pineville/Matthews Rd,             L- Park Rd & resume  the regular route to Sharon Rd & Wendover Rd,               R- Wendover Rd, L- Providence Rd, R- Providence Rd @ Queens Rd,                   R - Hawthorne Ln & resume the regular route 
Rt 21-Double Oaks     Standard Detour
** Do Not service Oaklawn Ave & Double Oak RD. **
Outbound: From CTC - Use Statesville Ave to  Newland Rd,  L- Newland Rd,      R - Samuel St (Eol)  Inbound: To CTC - R - Statesville Ave and resume the regular route inbound to CTC
Rt 22-Graham St     Standard Detour
Regular Route
Inbound and Outbound
Rt 23-Shamrock     Standard Detour
Outbound: Use regular route to the Plaza and Anderson St. Continue on the Plaza to Sugar Creek.     R- Sugar Creek Rd , R - Eastway Dr, L- Shamrock Dr and resume regular route outbound.
**Inbound: Use the regular route to Shamrock Dr & Eastway Dr, R- Eastway Dr, L- Plaza & resume the regular route inbound to CTC.
Rt 24-Windsong Trails     Standard Detour                                                                                                                                                Outbound: From Lynx Woodlawn Station-Use the regular route to England Street,                                                                                                                                 L-Sweden Rd,  L-S. Blvd, L- Arrowood Rd & resume the regular route                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ***Do not enter the Lynx Arrowood Station                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Rt 25-Clanton Park     Standard Detour
From CTC: Use regular route to W. Blvd & Barringer Dr, continue straight on W. Blvd To Remount Road,  L-Remount Road,  R- South Tryon, R- Clanton Road, L- W. Blvd, L- Amay James Ave, L- Ridge Ave (Eol - mid block)                                                                                                                                          Inbound: To CTC                                                                                                                                                   R- W. Blvd, R- Clanton Rd, L- S.Tryon St, L- Remount Rd, R- W. Blvd & resume the regular route

Rt 26-Oaklawn     Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC- Use regular route to Statesville Ave and Spratt St, continue straight on Statesville Ave, L-Oaklawn Ave, R- Beatties Ford Rd,         L- Rosa Parks Pl, R- Carrier  Dr, R- Hoskins Rd, R- Beatties Ford (Eol)                                                                                                        Inbound: to CTC- Continue straight on Beatties Ford Rd to Oaklawn Ave,           L- Oaklawn Ave, R- Statesville Ave & resume regular route to CTC
Rt 27-Monroe Rd     Standard Detour
Use the regular route  (Do not turn into Target Parking Lot) If you have time to kill, continue beyond the Tryon House Restaurant at the next stop and kill time.
Rt 27 Crown Point     Standard Detour : Can't  turn on Sardis, Not able to service Crownpoint, Continue  Monroe to, L-Galleria,L-Sardis,R-Monroe and Resume                                                                                                                                              
Rt 29-UNCC     Standard Detour
Use the Regular Route 
stop time
Rt 30-Crosstown     Standard Detour
Use the Regular Route to Woodlawn & Park Rd, L- Park Rd, L- Fairview Rd,        L- Barclay Downs Dr, R- Morrison Blvd & resume the regular route 
Rt 34-Freedom Dr     Standard Detour
** Do not service Walnut Ave. **
Outbound: From CTC- Use regular route to 4th and Walnut Ave. Continue straight on 4th onto Tuckaseegee Rd.,  L-Berryhill Rd, R-Freedom Dr & resume regular route.
Use Regular route to Berryhill Rd and Tuckaseegee Rd. R-Tuckaseegee onto 4th St and resume regular route to CTC. 
Rt 39-Eastway     Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC- Use regular route to N Tryon and Arrowhead.                   L- Arrowhead R- Elgywood Ln, R- Canterwood Dr, R Tom Hunter, R- N Tryon.
Resume regular route Inbound back to the Center.
Express Routes  
Rt 40X-Albemarle Rd      Standard Detour
Use regular route Inbound and outbound
Rt 41X-Arrowood      Standard Detour
Use regular route Inbound and outbound
Rt 42 Carowinds Blvd     Standard Detour
Use regular route Inbound and outbound
Rt 43 Ballantyne     Standard Detour
Inbound to Sharon Road West Station  & South Blvd.  L.South Blvd R.Westing  R.Crump & Resume Reverse outbound.                                                                                                               
Rt 44 Fort Mill     ff
Rt 45X-Carmel Rd      Standard Detour
Continue straight 3rd St -onto Providence Rd to Hwy 51 (Pineville/ Matthews Rd), R Hwy 51,     L-Carmel extension & resume the regular route
Resume regular route returning by reversing the turns. R -Pineville/ Matthews Rd,  L - Providence Rd to Transportation Center.
Rt 48X-Huntersville     Standard Detour
Use regular Route
Rt 51X-Idlewild Rd      Standard Detour
Use regular route to Independence Blvd and Idlewild Rd. Continue straight on independence Blvd , L -W.T. Harris, L-Idlewild and resume
Rt 53X-Northlake      Standard Detour
Use regular Route
Rt 54 -U R P Wachovia     Standard Detour
Outbound: In the AM- use regular route to David Taylor & Research Dr,              L - Research Dr, R -Harris Blvd, R- Medical Plaza Dr, R- Mallard Creek Rd,            R- Ben Craig (Board passengers here), R- JN Pease Pl & resume regular route.

Use regular Route (With Exception)
***Service to J N Pease PL. Park & Ride will be determined by Road Supervisor.***                                                              
Rt 55 -Westinghouse     Standard Detour
***Use the regular route                                                                                                  
Rt 56-Arrowood   *Alternate Option Available if needed* Standard Detour
***Do not enter the Arrowood Lynx Station                                                                                         Outbound: From England Street - Continue straight to Hebron St , L-Hebron St, R- S. Blvd,   R- Westinghouse Blvd, R- Nations Ford Rd, L-Hebron St & resume the regular route                                                                                                              inbound: To Arrowood Lynx Station- Use the regular route to Arrowood Rd & Hebron St,  R- Hebron St, R- Nations Ford Rd, L- Westinghouse Blvd, L- S. BLvd, L-Arrowood Rd,   L-England St.                                                                                                
Rt 57 Archdale     Standard Detour
Outbound: From S. Park Mall- use regular route Park South Dr & Archdale Dr, R- Archdale Dr,     continue to Old Pineville Rd, L- Old Pineville Rd,  L- Into Archdale Station                                                                                                                                           "Do Not service Archdale Dr, Highland Meadow & Farmhurst Dr Loop"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               lnbound: To S. Park Mall                                                                                                                                      Continue straight on Old pineville Rd to Tyvola Rd, R- Tyvola Rd - onto Fairview Rd & resume the regular route to S. Park Transit Center
Rt 58- Pineville     Standard Detour
Use regular Route
stop time
Rt 60 Tyvola/SouthPark     Standard Detour
Use regular route (with the exception of North Falls Dr, South Stream Blvd & Water Ridge Pkwy ) Operators will remain on the main streets
Rt 61X-Arboretum      Standard Detour
L - S, Tryon St, L - Woodlawn Rd, R - S. Blvd, L- 485 (East) to Exit 57 (Providence Rd).
L - Into Promenade Shopping Center, Stay on providence Road to Arboretum Shopping Center.                                                                                                                                                               L-Into Arboretum Shopping Center.
Run Providence road in and out to Transportation Center.
** Do not service lansdowne or Colville Loop. **
Rt 62X-Rea Rd      Standard Detour
Outbound: From CTC
Use providence Rd to Hwy 51 (Pineville/ Matthews Rd), R - Hwy 51, L- Elm Ln and resume route.
Use regular route to Rea Rd & Hwy 51 (Pineville/ Matthews Rd). R- Hwy 51,         L - Providence Rd and continue providence inbound to the center.                                                                                              Deadhead Route from Tryon Garage To EOL                                                                                                        L - S, Tryon St, L - Woodlawn Rd, R - S. Blvd, L- 485 (East) to Exit 59 (Rea Rd).
Rt 64X-Windsor Sq      Standard Detour
Regular Route 
Rt 65X-Matthews      Standard Detour
Regular Route 
Rt 74X-Union County     Standard Detour
Use regualar route Hwy 74 (Independence) 
Rt 77X-North Meck     Standard Detour
Use the regular route
*** Service to North Cross Park & Ride will be determine by Road Supervisor.*** 
Rt 80X-Concord      Standard Detour
Use regular Route 
Rt 81X Wachovia CIC      Standard Detour
** Do not use I-85 **
** Outbound **
Use College Street to the North Tryon Connector. Continue North Tryon to Harris Blvd.   L-Harris Blvd and continue regular route.
From (EOL) CIC 3B. R - on Harris blvd and continue straight on Harris Blvd to Tryon st. R - Tryon to Tryon and church st connector. Continue on Church to W Trade St. L - W Trade St and continue regular route to Wachovia.      
Rt 82X-Rock Hill      Standard Detour
Use regular Route 
Rt 83X-Mooresville  3:30am   Standard Detour
*** Do Not service Brawley School Rd & Rolling Hill Rd ***
Use regular route to End of line Mooresville/Williamson Chapel United Methodist Church
Continue Straight to 2nd Traffic light. R - Plaza (@ 2nd Traffic light),   R- 1-77(south) & resume the regular route
Rt 85X-Gastonia  3:30am   From CTC Outbound: Regular route to Tuckaseegee rd and Berry Hill. L- Berryhill, R- Freedom and resume.                   Use regular route (Except buses exiting Abbey Plaza shopping center in Belmont). Buses will circle around in the parking lot and exit at the traffic light by Wachovia Waffle House instead of exiting from the rear of shopping Center onto Wilkinson Blvd.
Rt 88X - Lincoln County     Standard Detour
Use regular Route 
Uptown Charlotte Circulator:      
 Rt 90 1st Ward Shuttle     Standard Route
Regular Route
Red Line     Standard Route
Regular Route
Orange Line     Standard Route
Regular Route
Neighborhood / Town Shuttles:      
North Mecklenburg Village Rider      
Route 96 Davidson     Standard Route
Regular Route (With exception of the Davidson and ADA Jenkins Center)  
Route 97 Cornelius 4:20am    Do not service Lowes Food, Regular route to Sam Furr/Catawba, right Catawba and regular route to Griffin and Jetton. L- Jetton, L- Gamble, R- Walnut, R- Potts, R- Jetton, R- Griffin and resume.

Route 98 Huntersville     Stay on Gilead Road inbound, can't service Rosedale Shopping Center
stop time
Route 99 Huntersville     Standard Route
From: Eol @ Library- use regular route to Hwy 115 & Ramah Church Rd. Continue straight on Hwy 115 to Gilead Rd. R - Gilead Rd and Resume.
Use Regular route to Gilead Rd & Hwy 115, L - Hwy 115 & Resume.
Rt 201-Garden City  3:30am   Standard Detour
Use regular Route to Beatties Ford Rd & Capps Hill Mine, continue straight on Beatties Ford Rd to Slater Rd, R- Slater Rd, L- Bryan furr Dr, L- Slater Springs Dr, L- Beatties Ford Rd and return using Beatties Ford rd to the Health Department 
Rt 204-University Park 3:30am   Standard Detour
Detour route 204.
Inbound: Regular route to Statesville and Norris. Continue on Statesville to Moretz st. L- moretz, L- Graham, R- Norris and Continue route.
!!!We are not serving Craighead and Glory. Continue on N Tryon to the library, turn around and continue the outbound below.  
Outbound: Regular route to Norris and Graham. L- Graham, R- Moretz, R- Statesville and resume. 
Rt 211 Hidden Valley     Standard Detour
Use regular route to Canterwood and Monteith Dr. R - Monteith Dr, L- Tom Hunter Rd, L Reagan Dr,  L- Sugar Creek Rd and resume the regualr route.
Rt 222-Pence Rd     Standard Detour
Use regular route
Rt 232-Grier Heights     Standard Route
Outbound: From Social Services
R- Randolph Rd, R- Sam Drenan, L- Orange St, R- Dunn Ave, R- Skyland Ave,      R- Sam Drenan, L- Randolph Rd,  L - Billingsley Rd, R - Marvin Rd,                     L - Wendover Rd, R- Kilbourne Dr, L- Central Ave  and continue straight to EOL / ETC.
Inbound: From Eol / ETC
R- Central Ave, R- Kilbourne Dr, L- Eastway Dr & resume the resume the regular route to EOL / Social Services
Rt 235-Jackson Park     Standard Detour
Outbound: **Do not service Amay James Center & Old Steele Creek/Kenhill Loop.
Use regular route from Amay James St & West Blvd, continue straight on West Blvd to Holabird.   R- Holabird Ln, L - Noble ave, L - Burnette Ave,                      L - Brooksvale St, R - West Blvd, R- Billy Graham Pwky, Continue straight to Morris Field Dr, R - Morris Field Dr. Continue On Morris Field Dr to Wilkinson Blvd. R - Wilkinson Blvd,  L - Ashley Rd, L- Lumina Av (into Wal- Mart).              L- Ashley Rd @ traffic light & resume regular to EOL.
From:Freedom Mall, R- Ashley Rd, R- Freedom Dr, R- Pacific St, R- Crisman,       L- Alleghany, L- Ashley Rd, continue on Ashley Rd to Wilkinson Blvd.                  R - Wilkinson Blvd, L - Morris Field Dr, Continue straight on Morris Field to Billy Graham Pkwy, L- Billy Graham Pkwy, L- West Blvd and continue regular route to Holabird and West Blvd,  L- West Blvd and continue straight on West Blvd to Amay James Ave, R- Amay James Ave, L- Sherill St, L- Ridge Ave (EOL),          L- West Blvd & resume the outbound detour.                                            
**Do not service Amay James Center**
Route 47 Nugget     Contact Campus and Confirm 
Route 49 Niner