Highway patrol issues 8,750 tickets during a campaign targeting teen drivers

By Jeff Rivenbark - email

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - The North Carolina Highway Patrol visited hundreds of high schools and issued more than 8,700 charges for various violations during "Operation Drive to Live."

The campaign was conducted the week of February 23-27 with the aim of reducing the number of teenage-related traffic collisions in North Carolina.

The highway patrol conducted 720 high school visits and issued 8,750 charges for various violations including the following:

  • 3,119 - Speeding violations
  • 43 - Violations of the graduated drives license law
  • 13 - Passing stopped school bus
  • 31 - DWIs while less than 21 years of age
  • 124 - DWIs
  • 1,623 - Seatbelt violations
  • 35 - Drug violations

Traffic collisions are the leading cause of teenage deaths in North Carolina and the US. In the last four years, 554 teenagers were killed in crashes investigated by the highway patrol.

Some collisions involving teenage drivers occur during their commute to and from high school and in 2004 North Carolina ranked fifth in the nation total teenage deaths as compared to other states. Speed remains the leading cause of those deaths.