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Want to make WBTV.com your home page?  The most popular browsers are Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 5 Mac, or Firefox or Safari for the Mac.

If you are using Firefox

  • Under the "Tools" menu, click "Options"
  • Click the "General" tab on the left
  • Click "Use Current Page", then OK. If not, type http://www.wbtv.com/ in the text box, then OK.

If you are using Netscape

  • Under the "edit" menu, click "Preferences"
  • Under the "Home page" section, in the "Home page location" text box, type http://www.wbtv.com/ 
  • Click "OK."

If you are using Internet Explorer

  • Go to the http://www.wbtv.com/ front page.
  • Go to the "Tools" menu and choose "Options."
  • Click on the "General" tab.
  • Click on the "Use Current Page" button.
  • Click "OK."

If you are using Internet Explorer 5 Mac

  • In the "Edit" menu, click "Preferences"
  • Under "Web Browser" in the left-hand list, click the "Browser Display" button.
  • Under "Home Page" in the "Address" text box,   type http://www.wbtv.com/
  • Click "OK."

If you are using Firefox or Safari for the Mac

  • Click on "Firefox" in the top left corner and select "Preferences"
  • If you are not already on the "General" tab, click "General"
  • Type "http://www.wbtv.com/" in the "Location" area
  • Click the "Enter" button on your keyboard then close the "Preferences" window.

Click here for more directions on how to make wbtv.com your home page. 

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