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When Victor tells Nikki he is trying to mend fences with people, she believes Adam's death has changed him. Later, he surprises Nikki with an anniversary present. Sharon confesses a secret to Jack. Later, her evening takes a shocking turn! Hilary tries to escape as things get awkward between Leslie and Neil. When Victoria tells Stitch she isn't ready to be involved with anyone yet, Stitch wants to know what that means for him.


Ashley stops by the hospital to visit Stitch and is surprised to see Victoria there too. Sharon asks Victor what she can do to change his mind about her. Nick confronts the Cassie imposter! Billy goes to see Connor and Chelsea invites him to stay. They start watching a movie together and things take an unexpected turn.


When Ashley returns to Genoa City, Billy tells her that he and Victoria have signed separation papers.  Traci, Ashley, and Jack encourage Billy to fight for Victoria and join them at Abby and Tyler's engagement party at the Newman ranch. Victor is displeased that Sharon and Nick are together at the party. Chelsea gets frustrated when Jeffrey brings Michael to the penthouse to start
discussing Adam's estate.


Avery's first shoot hits a snag. Ian reports a crime.  Meanwhile, Victor learns that Ian is back in town and vows to never let him hurt anyone in his family again. Tyler and Abby get ready to bring their families together for their engagement party.  Tyler admits he is a little nervous about joining the
Newman and the Abbott family, but assures Abby he is more than ready to marry her. Meanwhile, Nick asks Sharon to be his date at Abby and Tyler's engagement party.


Jill asks Colin if he is hiding anything from her. Later, Cane and Lily confront Colin about sending Lily flowers. Kelly tries to get to know Summer and thanks her for all of her work on the fashion show.  Summer opens up about Phyllis and how much she enjoyed working with Jack at Jabot. Dylan is shocked to see Ian Ward at Crimson Lights. Meanwhile, Leslie tells Avery that she had no choice but to move for a mistrial. Noah has a run-in with Caroline Forrester. Courtney arrives and Noah asks
her to be his date to Abby and Tyler's engagement party. Jack informs Billy that Victoria had dinner with Stitch. Later, Billy is blindsided when Kelly comes to see Jack.


At the Chancellor mansion, Jill admits to Colin that she loves him. Lauren and Michael receive news about their pregnancy. Chelsea has a tense confrontation with Chloe. Lily learns that Leslie got married and worries how it will affect Neil.  


Stitch and Victoria plan for their first date. The Cassie imposter watches as Nick and Sharon spend time together at the park. Later, someone sees her! Neil and Hilary struggle to make sense of their first kiss. Chloe and Chelsea get into a catfight just as Rick and Caroline Forrester arrive to witness the spectacle. Kevin urges Chloe to make peace with Chelsea. Later, Chloe takes matters into her own hands!


The residents of Genoa City prepare for the fashion show at the Athletic Club. Tensions rise between Hilary and Lily as they each try to assert their authority. Backstage, Summer asks Kevin where Chloe is as things are starting to fall apart and Chelsea is MIA.  When Lily declares that Hilary is ruining everything, Chloe arrives and takes control of the situation as everyone continues to prep for the
show. Meanwhile, Lauren gets dizzy and Michael scoops her up and takes her to the hospital. Victor and Jack tell Chelsea that they'll help plan a memorial so Chelsea can say goodbye to Adam properly. When Chelsea arrives at the Athletic Club, she is surprised to find that Chloe has made several changes without consulting her. Later, their argument takes a shocking turn!


Tensions rise at the Athletic Club when Jack, Kelly, Victoria and Stitch all see each other at dinner. Avery admits to Dylan that she is second guessing her decision to do the cooking show because she is afraid of failing. Neil apologizes to Leslie for making her think he went on a romantic trip with
Hilary instead of a business one. Later, Neil receives shocking news!


Passion ignites between Nick and Sharon. Jack asks Summer to work behind the scenes of the fashion show. When Summer informs Kelly about Phyllis's accident, Kelly offers to lend her ear anytime Summer wants to talk. Devon informs Lily that Esmeralda won't do the fashion show with amateurs. When Lily wants to replace her, Hilary reminds her that she doesn't have the authority
to do that. Summer and Kelly begin working together.  Summer informs her about Phyllis's
accident, and Kelly offers to lend her ear anytime she wants to talk. Colin finally succeeds in getting Jill to admit that she loves him. They are interrupted by Esther and Colin steps outside while Jill tells Esther that she trusts Colin. 


Chelsea goes to Sharon's house to tell her that they have proof Adam is dead. Chelsea leaves as Nick tries to comfort Sharon. Later, Sharon takes a bath and Nick tries to help put her at ease. Chloe grows angry when she feels like Chelsea is cutting her out of their business. When Kevin tells her to pull it together, Chloe admits that she needs to take a new approach with Chelsea. Lauren can't hide her disappointment when Michael admits that he is completely caught off guard by the news about her pregnancy. Victor comes to see Paul and tosses some paperwork at him that shows proof of
Adam's death. Colin continues to try and seduce Jill. 


When Abby warns Jack not to fall for Kelly, Jack reminds her that he's waiting for Phyllis. Meanwhile, Tyler asks for Kelly's opinion on the engagement ring he bought for Abby. Stitch interrupts and says that Kelly doesn't care about other people's marriages. Later, Tyler proposes to Abby in the park. When Avery plans on turning down the cooking show, Dylan tells her that she'll regret her decision and convinces her to go for it. When Billy asks if Victoria and Stitch slept together, she admits that they did. Billy asks her if she was trying to even the score, but Victoria reminds him that they are separated, unlike the night that he spent with Kelly. Victoria tells Billy that she plans to have Avery file the paperwork to confirm their separation.


Billy surprises Jack at Jabot by handing him his resume and asking if he's hiring.Billy informs Jack that he's selling the restaurant because it's too hard to be there without Delia; he wants to commit to something more stable to win Victoria back. Abby arrives and mentions that she saw Victoria hanging out with Stitch at The Underground. Dylan confronts Stitch about his relationship with Victoria.  Later, Victoria bumps into Stitch in the park. Billy arrives and tells Stitch to leave because he needs to talk to Victoria alone. Victor gets a call from his P.I. regarding the information he wanted on Adam.Victor calls Chelsea and tells her they need to talk right away.


When Jill confronts Kelly about her relationship with Billy and Jack, Kelly admits that she hopes that Victoria and Billy can put their marriage back together.  Meanwhile, Victoria has an important conversation with Stitch about their relationship.  Later, Dylan questions Stitch about his connection to Victoria. Avery shares her news with Dylan that a television producer saw her cooking video
and they want to use her to produce a segment. Sharon is horrified to hear that Phyllis is in a coma and might never wake up. Dylan can tell something is wrong with Stitch and wants to know what it is. He eventually figures out that Stitch had sex with Victoria. Michael tries to process Lauren's shocking news.


Lauren reveals shocking news to Michael! Lily tries to contain her hostility while Neil and Hilary share their ideas for the upcoming fashion show. Later, Lily tries to seduce Can into choosing to work at
the club over going back into the corporate world. Nick brings Sharon home to Noah and Faith.  When Sharon mentions that things are going to be back to normal with one small exception, Nick explains that he is going to be staying at the house in case Sharon needs extra help. Summer and Fen make a toast to their new beginnings. Later, Courtney reveals the truth and tells Summer that she's really a police officer.


Sharon tells Dr. Mead that she hopes she can fill in the gaps in her memory. Dr. Mead thinks it is better if Sharon remembers things on her own. When Sharon tells Dr. Mead that she wants to go home, Nick volunteers to help her recover. Later, Victor surprises Nick by saying he hopes Sharon recovers. After Nick leaves, Victor bumps into the Cassie imposter and asks why she is still in town. Ian Ward tells Leslie he wants to cut a deal because he has information that will get him out of jail.  Leslie is furious with Ian over the information he has shared with her. Devon runs into Hilary and Neil who seem to have gotten very chummy with each other after their trip to Los Angeles. Victor asks Tyler if he is absolutely sure he is ready to devote himself to Abby for the rest of his life. 


Chelsea gets a call from Victor and Billy is blindsided when he hears Chelsea say that Adam has been found. Lily and Lauren meet to discuss the upcoming fashion show at the Athletic Club. Lily confides in Lauren that she isn't so sure Cane is happy working at the club thanks to Victor's new challenge for him.  Meanwhile, Victor asks if Cane figured out who set him up. Lauren mistakenly congratulates Abby and Tyler on their engagement after she read a post about them on GC Buzz. Abby is taken aback when Tyler says that it's not a matter of "if" they get engaged, but "when." Later, Tyler proposes to Abby! Victoria and Stitch leave The Underground together. Later, Victoria makes a
fateful decision that will change everything!

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