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Avery agrees to help Victoria. Later, Billy goes to see Victoria. Chelsea admits to Billy why she didn't tell him the truth about Stitch right away. Later, Kevin ends up in hot water with Harding. Kelly opens up to Jack more about her brother's past. Michael and Lauren consider their future now that Fen is going off to college.


Devon and Hilary return to Neil's apartment. When Nick says he doesn't want Sharon going to Mariah for help about her secret, Sharon thinks she should go see Phyllis. Victor talks with Summer about Phyllis' condition. 


Victor learns that Phyllis is a candidate for a new treatment, but only under her family's consent. Abby and Tyler get into a heated argument after Abby sees Tyler with another woman. Later, Abby joins Traci for their spa day.Austin goes to the Underground looking for a job and meets Mariah.

Monday, Jul 28th

Sharon has another flashback of what happened with Phyllis in the stairwell. Meanwhile, Mariah keeps a close watch on Nick. Billy and Nick get into an argument when Nick says Victoria still wants nothing
to do with him. Later,Victoria makes an important decision about her future. Cane worries about Hilary and Devon when he finds out they're alone together. Lily tries to help Kelly after things get tense between her and Jack. 


Dylan watches in horror as Ian's lawyer uses Nikki's past against her. Later, Christine wonders why Nikki never told Paul she was pregnant. Stitch is forced to come clean with Victoria. Devon pushes Hilary to admit how she really feels.

Thursday, July 24th

Chelsea comes clean with Billy and admits why Stitch stole Ben Rayburn's identity. Billy is livid and leaves to find Stitch and Victoria. Later, Chelsea admits to Kevin that she thinks getting involved with Billy was a mistake. Nikki's trial is underway and Ian and Dylan take the stand. Summer goes to visit Phyllis.


Billy is rocked when Victoria tells him Stitch will be with her at her paternity test appointment. When Billy goes to see Chelsea after his fight with Victoria, he finds Stitch's yearbook and demands to know what's going on. While Barton takes a call from Leslie, Kevin swipes his ID from his coat
pocket and hacks into the hospital computer. Nikki prepares to be dragged through the mud to defend herself against Ian. Meanwhile, Paul agrees not to testify in Nikki's case.


Kevin goes to see Chelsea with big news about Stitch. Later, Billy pays Chelsea a visit and she contemplates telling him what she knows.Tensions rise at the Abbott mansion during family dinner. Kelly worries that Jack will tell Billy the truth about Stitch. Meanwhile, Victoria tells Stitch she is having the paternity test tomorrow. After he leaves, Nikki asks what Victoria hopes will be the outcome of the test. Victor tries to get the ball rolling on new treatments for Phyllis without her family knowing. 


Billy and Chelsea's romantic evening takes an unexpected turn. Summer and Austin realize they have different visions for their future. The Abbotts prepare for their big family dinner. Kelly begs Jack not to tell Billy about Stitch's secret. Barton tells Stitch he heard some rumors about him and needs to know if they are true.


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