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The Young and The Restless

Monday, March 27, 2017
Nick and Chelsea question Chloe about the night Adam died, Victor has an assignment for Scott, and Victoria challenges Abby.
Friday, March 24
Nick demands answers from Chelsea, Devon cuts ties with Hilary, and Nikki befriends a mysterious stranger.
Thursday, March 23
Sharon connects with Scott, Billy makes a bold move with Victoria, and Kevin confides in Michael.

Wednesday, March 22
Victoria confronts Jack, Gloria plots her next move, and Chloe slips up.

Tuesday, March 21
Cane plays with fire, Lily worries about Jordan’s interest in Hilary, and Nick and Chelsea’s romantic evening is interrupted.

Monday, March 20
Neil considers an offer from Ashley, Jill make a decision about her future, and Jack gives Hilary surprising advice.
Wednesday, March 15
Jill questions Nikki about Katherine’s letter, Jack sets ground rules with Gloria, and Victoria and Reed struggle for control.
Tuesday, March 14
Ashley’s night at the opera causes her to see Ravi in a new light, Lily fears for her safety, and Lauren enlists Phyllis’ help with Scott.
Monday, March 13
Cane has a wild night in Tokyo, Hilary and Devon prepare to finalize their divorce, and Victoria opens up to Billy.  
Friday, March 10
Victor makes a promise to Nick, Chloe sees a new side of Kevin, and Sharon asserts her independence.
Thursday, March 9
Devon shocks Hilary, Victoria stands up for Reed, and Daniel Hall debuts as Scott Grainger.

Wednesday, March 8
Cane spreads his wings, Reed experiences stage fright, and Lily issues Jordan a warning.
Tuesday, March 7
Ashley sets boundaries for Ravi, Jill receives a special delivery, and Mariah accuses Hilary of sabotage.
Monday, March 6
Victor calls the shots, Nick and Chelsea turn up the heat, and Lauren cracks under pressure.


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