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The Bold & the Beautiful

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Hope gives Wyatt news that may change their lives forever. Liam realizes what is going on with Hope when he finds the paper that she inadvertently dropped while leaving his house. Brooke confides to Rick that she and Bill have reunited. Quinn explains in full detail what she wants from Dollar Bill Spencer. 


Liam notices that Hope is distracted and asks her if there is something going on between her and Wyatt. When Bill arrives, he tells them why he never gave up on Brooke. Hope begins to let her walls down with Bill when she hears how much he loves her mother. Liam walks Hope out and neither notice that an important piece of paper has fallen out of her purse. Wyatt worries about Quinn when she reveals how she feels about Bill.  Quinn asks Bill for two things in return for keeping their
love affair a secret.


When Brooke informs Katie that she and Bill are back together, Katie heads over to see her sister. Meanwhile, Ridge confronts Bill who in turn provokes him by comparing Katie and Brooke. Hope catches Liam attempting to get the goods on Quinn. In a heated moment, Liam kisses Hope.


Oliver and Aly talk about HFTF and each other. When Aly reveals to Oliver that this was her first kiss, he kisses her again. Aly makes Oliver hide in her closet when Pam knocks on her bedroom door.  Determined to win Brooke back, Bill barges into her bedroom and tells her that there is nothing standing in their way of being together. Ridge insists to Katie that his commitment is to her and that she should not worry about him and Brooke being co-vice presidents of Forrester Creations. 
Brooke and Bill passionately reunite.


Ridge is shocked when Eric makes him an offer to have his job as CEO. When Eric lays out the stipulations attached to the deal, Ridge is forced to make a decision. Katie and Brooke discuss the circumstances that they find themselves in and neither is willing to back down. Maya becomes suspicious of Oliver's intentions when she witnesses him out with Aly. Aly rushes out of the Bikini Bar after her encounter with Oliver. Once at home in her bedroom, Aly discusses Oliver with Darla. Ridge
and Katie continue to bask in their new found love.


Brooke wonders if Eric has a hidden motive behind the decision that he's recently made. Ridge has to hold himself back from punching his half-brother, Rick. Katie arrives unexpectedly and learns of Ridge and Brooke's shared position. Katie accuses Brooke of manipulating the situation to get what she wants: Ridge.  Maya and Carter go on a date and see Aly an Oliver. Aly is excited for her first date.
Carter tells Maya he feels that Ridge is in the right. Maya becomes unsettled when she witnesses an intimate moment between Oliver and Aly. Eric gives Ridge his unabashed opinion on his relationships with Brooke and Katie.


Ridge, Rick, Brooke, Hope, Caroline and Carter await Eric's decision about Rick and Ridge. Eric makes a surprise decision and creates a new team to work together, namely Brooke and Ridge. Ridge is unrelenting in his opinion that HFTF is costing Forrester Creations more than money which causes Brooke to go off on him. Ridge backs down, but threatens Rick one more time that he won't be president for long. Later, Ridge confides in Brooke that he is upset that she told Eric about he and
Katie. Brooke makes a startling declaration to Ridge about his future, both personally and professionally.


Brooke, Rick and Hope are not happy as they listen to Ridge attempt to convince Eric to allow him to have Rick's job. Family secrets come spilling out as Rick explains his anger to Ridge about Brooke and Brooke explains to Eric that Ridge has left her for Katie. In the photo studio, Aly and Oliver flirt.


Katie and Ridge bask in their newfound love. At a Forrester Creations meeting, Ridge takes charge and fires an integral player on the team. Tension rises amongst the group when he subsequently tells Rick that this tenure as President needs to end now. Brooke turns to Eric for his support of Rick.


Unaware that Quinn is hiding the closet eavesdropping, Brooke makes a big admission to Bill. Liam begins to speculate on Aly's feelings for him when she invites him to inner. Oliver photographs Maya for HFTF and shares with her his history with Hope. Later, Oliver photographs Aly for the company directory and she becomes embarrassed by all of the attention he is showing her.

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