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The Bold & the Beautiful

Friday, March 24
Brooke and Eric revel in their 30 years of friendship and paths that they have taken to get to where they are today. As Quinn questions Ridge about his upcoming wedding to Brooke, he points out that his marriage will mark the end of their clandestine relationship. Conceding that Brooke is to be married the next day, Bill offers his support to her for whenever she may need it.  When Steffy confronts Sally about crashing her wedding, their confrontation makes a
big splash at the reception.         
Thursday, March 23
Sally, Saul and Darlita are anxiously awaiting word from Sally in possibly getting her hands on any Forrester Creations’ secrets. Meanwhile, Sally is having the time of her life while in Australia and falling head over heels for Thomas. Steffy welcomes her and Liam’s wedding guests to their reception where they get the chance to experience some of Australia’s heritage while toasting the happy couple. With their own big day just hours away, Brooke makes sure that Ridge still wants to marry her the following day.
Wednesday, March 22
In front of Sydney’s picturesque harbor and Opera House, Steffy and Liam’s long-awaited nuptials begin. Family members of the bride and groom pay homage to the happy couple with heartfelt and emotional speeches. Well aware that his ex-wife and brother are tying the knot at that moment, Wyatt soothes his sorrows with heart-numbing libations. Steffy and Liam exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

Tuesday, March 21
Before walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Liam Spencer, Steffy participates in a Forrester Creations photo shoot, with Ivy, in front of the Sydney Opera House.  In spite of how difficult it will be to see Brooke with Ridge at the ceremony, Bill assists Liam with some last minutes arrangements. Sally is torn between her obligations to her family business and her growing feelings for Thomas. 

Monday, March 20
Sally’s long journey to Australia feels never-ending due to the couple who she is seated between on the airplane. Brooke becomes distant while reflecting on Katie’s accusation of Ridge and Quinn carrying on an inappropriate relationship. Katie is taken aback when Brooke puts her foot down regarding her sister’s claims. Quinn surprises Eric with a romantic evening on their first night in Sydney.  Steffy hints to Liam that she has something special in store for him at their wedding.                       

Wednesday, March 15
On the plane to Australia, Katie has sympathy knowing how difficult the trip is for Bill as he watches Brooke with Ridge. Having decided to accept Thomas’ invitation, Sally catches a flight to Sydney that fits more into a Spectra budget than a Forrester one. Sally encounters a couple of familiar faces on her lengthy voyage that make her trip feel even longer; Matt & Kieran, from Quinn’s flight to Monte Carlo, are Sally’s seat mates. Witnessing Ridge and Quinn sitting together, Katie attempts to catch any cues that would confirm her suspicions. 

Tuesday, March 14
The bride, groom, and wedding party embark on a luxurious journey to Australia for Steffy and Liam’s destination
nuptials.  While preparing for their flight, Bill and Katie question each other about behaviors the other are exhibiting that appear out of the ordinary.  Katie keeps a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn’s interactions with each other. Thomas pays an unannounced visit to Sally with a tempting invitation to be his date for Steffy and Liam’s wedding. Sally ponders Thomas’ invitation knowing that accepting it could be life-changing.  

Monday, March 13
Brooke is taken aback by Katie’s accusation of Ridge and Quinn possibly having an affair and suggests that the claim is purely revenge for stealing Bill months earlier. Witnessing the love and appreciation that Ridge and Eric have for each other convinces Brooke even more that Katie’s allegation is false.  Quinn has a difficult time concentrating on work while being all-encompassed with the thought of her and Ridge being caught.                    
Friday, March 10
While eavesdropping, Katie witnesses an intimate moment between Quinn and Ridge. Charlie and Pam are determined to find out whose lipstick is on Ridge’s napkin. Brooke tells Liam and Steffy she invited Katie to their wedding in Australia. Later, Brooke models her wedding dress for Katie. Ridge and Quinn bust Katie for spying on them. Pam, Rick, Maya, Nicole, R.J. and Charlie throw a wedding shower for Steffy and Liam.

Thursday, March 9
Katie is honored when Brooke invites her to the wedding in Australia, but is hesitant to oblige due to past conflicts. Ivy feels validated after showing Quinn a model of one of her designs but questions the motives for her approval since she revealed to Quinn that she knows about her and Ridge. Ivy attempts to dissuade Quinn from traveling to Australia for Liam and Steffy’s wedding. Charlie  becomes suspicious of Ridge.
Wednesday, March 8

RJ and Coco share a sweet kiss. Ridge meets with the group at FC and informs them of what will be happening in Australia. Coco arrives back at the Spectra offices and tells them all about her first day on the job at Forrester Creations. Sally becomes skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister is about RJ.. Shirley and Saul pressure Sally into believing this plan is their only option. Sally hesitantly gives Coco the “bugged” jewelry.  
Thomas calls Sally and tells her he would like to see her again. 

Tuesday, March 7
Coco commits an act of heroism which gives her the opportunity to stay on as an intern at Forrester Creations. Despite the fact that Coco saved his son’s life, Ridge still finds her untrustworthy, citing his disdain for any and all Spectras. Brooke urges her fiancé to give Coco a chance. Attempting to diminish any feelings of guilt, Sally builds up the courage to go through with Shirley, Saul and Darlita’s plan to have Coco unknowingly spy on the Forresters.
Monday, March 6

Thomas gives Steffy a lukewarm reaction to her invitation to her wedding in Australia.  Shirley announces a big plan for Spectra and explains how the group will change their business model; that the time to be morally upstanding has passed. Brooke and Ridge inform R.J. of their intent to elope after Steffy and Liam’s wedding. R.J.’s elation is deflated when Ridge demands Coco not be allowed to intern at Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Thomas defends Coco to
Steffy, who agrees to let her stay but warns Thomas that she is his responsibility. RJ finds himself in harm’s way when running after Coco.


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