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The Bold & the Beautiful

Friday, May 19, 2017
Bill is less than thrilled that Brooke invited a Rick and Maya to accompany them on their honeymoon flight. Having to travel to Paris for a photo shoot, Rick and Maya are in a bind when their nanny is suddenly unable to care for Lizzy in their absence. Zende and Nicole save the day and graciously offer to watch their niece.  Nicole pays a visit to her doctor with the intention of starting a family with her new husband as soon as possible.    

Thursday, May 18, 2017 
Realizing that Brooke has made her decision, Quinn consoles a defeated Ridge who blames himself for his current situation.  Nicole and Zende make a decision about their marriage  after spending a significant amount of time with another family member. The blushing bride, Brooke, walks down the aisle to an overly-eager Bill as Justin presides over the ceremony.  The bride and groom bask in their love as wedding attendees voice their approval for this beloved union.  As Ridge sulks about his loss, he reflects on what could have been.                                        

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Ridge makes a proposition to Brooke for her to please reconsider marrying Bill and to meet him later if she changes her mind. As he is describing the wedding that he has planned, Bill tells his sons about his confidence that he has in his and Brooke’s future together. Ridge and Quinn regretfully discuss how what happened between them could cost him a life with Brooke. As Brooke is getting ready for her wedding, Katie questions her sister about which man she plans to marry when she walks down the aisle. Quinn makes a phone call which she hopes will fix a problem that she feels she  caused.                                                                          

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Having waited for what seems like forever to marry Brooke, Bill plans a beautiful private ceremony to take place sooner rather than later. A concerned RJ confronts Brooke about marrying Bill knowing that she most likely still harbors feelings for Ridge. Ridge makes his intentions well-known that he anticipates getting Brooke to marry him, not Bill. Quinn has an honest conversation with Brooke about changing her mind regarding choosing Bill over Ridge.      

Friday, May 12, 2017
Ridge decides to make some staff changes at Forrester Creations by inviting Coco back to the company and giving Zende a chance to design. Thomas brings Sally back to his loft for the first time where she makes a promise to not ever let him regret helping her. Bill pays a visit to Ridge to inform his rival about Thomas coming to Sally’s aid during her legal and financial troubles. Ridge becomes upset at his son for betraying the company and the family.

Thursday, May 11, 2017 
Thomas explains to Sally that Bill was behind the poor review she received on her first collection and offers to assist her in getting her company back on its feet.  Wyatt learns how and why Liam learned the truth about the negative review against Spectra Fashions.  Assuming that she knows what Thomas is up to, Steffy becomes concerned about the competition and drama that will continue with Sally’s redemption.  Despite the defeat that he suffered that day, Bill vows to one day become the owner of the Spectra building. 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Although empathetic of Thomas’ broken heart, Steffy is pleasantly relieved to learn that Sally is closing
Spectra Fashions and leaving town.  As Sally addresses her employees one last time before closing the business’
doors for good, CJ arrives with Bill in tow to take ownership of the building.  When Thomas attempts to point a
finger of blame at someone for Spectra’s demise, Steffy informs him of Bill being behind their competition’s poor review.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Bill has every intention of acquiring the old Spectra Fashions building by the end of the business day so that he may start planning his wedding to Brooke.  As the Spectra employees pack up the office in preparation of the company closing, Sally contemplates leaving Los Angeles for good.  Liam confesses to Steffy how Bill’s scheming and manipulations are the true root behind Sally stealing the Forrester Creations’ designs.  Having requested a visit
from Thomas, Sally presents him with something to remember her by.

Monday, May 8, 2017
In front of Bill, Ridge bluntly asks Brooke to confirm that she is completely over him and able to forget their love for each other. In spite of Wyatt’s best effort, Liam meets CJ and learns of the deal Bill is making to take over the Spectra building. Steffy is upset when Thomas tells her how he spoke on Sally’s behalf, but, understands the real reason why he did it.  Sally is given a plea bargain with a long list of stipulations for her release.
Friday, May 5, 2017
A chance run-in between Brooke and Ridge at Il Giardino leads to a rather tense and uncomfortable lunch conversation about her pending nuptials. With Shirley and Saul accompanying her for support, Sally arrives at the courthouse to for a pre-trial to learn her fate. Thomas begins to have pangs of compassion realizing that Sally could be going to prison for stealing the Forrester Creations designs. Bill finds himself on the hot seat when his scruples are questioned regarding the closing of Spectra Fashions. Ridge is put in his place regarding Brooke when Bill finds them dining together.

Thursday, May 4, 2017
 Zende sulks to Nicole about his interaction with Steffy and Thomas stating that he was naïve to believe that anyone but a true Forrester would get the chance to advance within the company.  Bill learns from CJ about Sally’s bail and how Spectra Fashions is closing, leaving the property available to be sold.  Wyatt and Liam question Bill about his plans to marry Brooke since the last few attempts did not pan out.  Katie grills Brooke about whether or not she
has any lingering feelings for Ridge even though she plans to marry Bill.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Zende surprises Nicole when he shares with her his new passion and shows her a series of dress sketches he’s been working on.Knowing that there is a great chance that she will be going to jail for a lengthy period of time, Sally sadly announces to her employees that Spectra Fashions is closing its doors.  Thomas has a vulnerable conversation with Steffy about his feelings for Sally and how he wants to help her get through her current situation. 
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Now employed at Forrester Creations, Katie is working side-by-side with Quinn and enjoying the tension she is causing her nemesis. Quinn is constantly on edge knowing that at any moment, Katie can completely ruin her life with one word to Eric about the affair with Ridge. Eric makes another attempt to get out of Ridge the reason why he and Brooke decided to end their relationship. Brooke calls Katie out on if she is blackmailing Quinn and Ridge.

Monday, May 1, 2017
Just as Sally is about to be handcuffed, Thomas asks for a moment alone with her to find out why she ask him for assistance when her company was failing.  Meanwhile Shirley and Saul are feverously filling the orders that started flooding in after the fashion show. Coco calls her grandmother to inform her and the others at Spectra Fashions that Sally has been arrested.  To buy more time for Thomas and Sally, Pam finds a foolproof way to distract Lt. Baker.

Friday, April 28, 2017
When a remorseful Sally calls to apologize for stealing the designs, Thomas is angered and unreceptive of her act of contrition.  His anger soon turns to sympathy when Steffy tells him of the plan to prosecute Sally and possibly send her to prison. Zende surprises Nicole with his sudden change in attitude regarding children when he holds Baby Lizzy for the first time. Coco goes to tell Sally about the Forresters offering her to return to her job, but, with one major stipulation

Thursday, April 27, 2017 
Coco is torn when she is asked to choose between her loyalty to her sister, Sally, or to the Forrester Creations family.  RJ makes his case by suggesting that Coco could have a future career with his family’s company.  Even though he is happy to be reunited with Brooke, Bill wonders what happened between her and Ridge to cause the end of their relationship. Wyatt advises Bill to honor Brooke’s request of not digging into her and Ridge’s breakup. Ridge attempts to appeal to Brooke for another change for him to prove his love and devotion to her.                           

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
RJ struggles with being asked by Ridge and Steffy to get Coco to confess to the police about Sally stealing the Forrester Creations designs. Zende and Nicole differ over whether or not Coco is really innocent in the situation. Sally attempts to smooth things over with Coco by offering her a position within Spectra Fashions. Having been invited back to the office by RJ to redeem herself with the company, Coco is blindsided when she is asked to turn on her own family.                   

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
In spite of the fact that Brooke is now engaged to Bill, Ridge vows not to give up his fight to get her back. Sally has a difficult time maintaining her excitement about the success of the new collection knowing that she betrayed Coco and Thomas. Because she was banished from Forrester Creations for her part in the stolen designs, Coco is forced to rethink her career path. Ridge and Steffy consult with Carter about taking legal action against  Sally.                 

Monday, April 24, 2017
Star-crossed lovers, Brooke and Bill, celebrate their reunion by consummating their re-engagement. Bickering adversaries, find themselves at odds as Quinn attempts to find the perfect position for Katie at Forrester Creations. Having lost Brooke once again, Ridge delves into creating a new collection for Forrester Creations to ease his broken heart.  Ridge’s world is rocked even more when he learns about Brooke’s engagement to Bill.                               

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