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The Bold & the Beautiful

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Hounded by the media at the press conference, Hope is put on the spot about whether she will accept Wyatt's gift. Meanwhile, a helpless Liam is forced to watch Wyatt's public display of affection for Hope. Knowing what kind of man that Bill is, Deacon implores a torn Brooke to sever all ties with him. Refusing to lose Brooke over the incident with Ridge, Bill makes one last ditch effort to win her back.


Seeing the gift that Wyatt has given to Hope, Liam becomes irate and demands that she give it back. Knowing that the word about Bill's involvement with Ridge's accident is out, Deacon pays a visit to Brooke to see how she's holding up. Deacon makes a plea to Brooke for them to at least be friends.  As part of his plan to win Hope back, Wyatt convinces Rick to call an impromptu press conference.      


Suspicious that Wyatt is still pining away for Hope, Liam suggests that Wyatt pursue a relationship with Ivy.   Bill humbly attempts to explain the reason behind his actions against Ridge in Abu Dhabi to Brooke.  Ridge continues to attempt to convince Brooke that marrying Bill would be a catastrophic mistake. Hope is perplexed by the friendship that has been building between Wyatt and Deacon.


Although grateful for the generous gift that Wyatt has given her, Hope feels compelled to reject the present out of respect for Liam.  Now knowing the truth about Bill's involvement in the accident in Abu Dhabi, Ridge insists that Brooke not go through with her wedding. Armed with information about Hope and Wyatt, Ivy begins to see the true side of her new coworkers at Forrester Creations.    


Brooke is taken aback when Katie tells her that she doesn't think that Ridge falling out of the helicopter was an accident. Ridge arrives at Brooke's house with Bill and some information about her pending nuptials. During a visit with Deacon, Hope begins to realize the real reason why her father returned to Los Angeles. Wyatt presents Hope with a generous gift.


Bill plans a trip to Catalina to make sure that all of the final preparations for his and Brooke's wedding have been made.  Wyatt returns for his first day back at Forrester Creations with a lucky charm in his pocket.  With new information in-hand, Katie is having a difficult time processing that Bill is guilty of what Ridge is accusing him of.  Ridge devises a plan to get Bill to confess to being the conspirator of the accident in Abu Dhabi.   


When Brooke confronts him about the allegations, Bill vehemently denies having any involvement in Ridge's accident. Deacon uses his charm and his history of involvement with Alison to get answers about Bill's dealings in Abu Dhabi. Brooke becomes suspicious as to why Bill is in such a rush to get married, but still agrees to marry him that day. Katie commissions her assistant to dig through Bill's financials to help her prove his guilt.   


Ridge aggressively puts pressure on Justin to admit his and Bill's participation in the almost fatal accident in Abu Dhabi. The situation becomes even more heated when Bill arrives just in time to defend his trusted associate. Having overheard Brooke and Katie talking about Ridge's suspicions, Deacon becomes intrigued about the topic and decides to do some digging on his own. Having
seen a change in Deacon, Hope convinces Brooke and Katie to allow him to help out. 


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