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Monday, September 25, 2017
Ridge is pleasantly surprised when Eric approaches him with a solemn and sincere regret over their last conversation regarding their relationship.  Wyatt and Katie take a break from their romantic evening to divulge to each other the latest gossip from their respective families.  Bill makes a passionate plea to Brooke for her to forgive him for his misgivings so that they may repair the foundation to their damaged marriage.  Brooke expresses to Bill her fears and concerns regarding their future together.

Friday, September 22, 2017
Steffy wants to make sure that her message to Sally about dealing with Liam is heard very loud and clear. Wyatt warns Liam that when their father finds out about his partnership with Sally and Spectra Fashions, he is going to become infuriated to the point of seeking retribution.  RJ attempts to get Brooke to admit that no other man in her life comes close to being her destiny than Ridge.  Tired of Ridge’s jeering, Bill threatens Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage.  Coco unsuccessfully questions Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.     
Thursday, September 21, 2017 
Wyatt and Justin discover a piece of information regarding Liam’s business dealings with Sally and Spectra Fashions. While looking for his wife, Bill finds Ridge who has a list of taunting questions regarding why Brooke is so upset. An irate and confused Steffy interrogates Liam about getting into business with Sally.  Liam doesn’t think that his professional association with Sally is any of Steffy’s concern.  RJ confronts Brooke about her marriage to Bill and if there happens to be any chance of their family reuniting with Ridge.                     

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Having been summoned by Liam to Spencer Publications, Wyatt confronts his brother about how he was able to obtain
the title of CEO from their father.  Annoyed by Wyatt’s line of questioning, Liam gives his brother the opportunity
to stay and deal with the change or to leave the company altogether.  Brooke turns to Ridge regarding her frustrations
with Bill, but refuses to give him any details as to why she is upset with her husband.  Bill confesses to Steffy the
collateral damage that has taken place due to his actions that are in addition to losing his company and his son.

Monday, September 18, 2017
In spite of Steffy’s noble attempts to get her husband to reconcile with his father, Liam firmly stands his ground to not back down regarding Bill.  Ridge and Quinn share a tender moment as they disclose with each other the current state of their respective lives following their affair of the heart. Sheila applies pressure on Charlie to assist her in getting Quinn out of Eric’s life for good.  Brooke questions the foundation of her marriage to Bill. When learning that Sheila is still in town, Quinn vows to remedy that situation                 

Friday, September 15, 2017
Needing to get something off of his chest before becoming intimate with Katie, Wyatt confidentially fills her in on the current dispute between Bill and Liam.  In spite of Steffy’s attempt to appeal to his emotions, Liam is firm that he no longer wants anything to do with Bill ever again.  Bill decides to put his faith in
the strength of his marriage when he tells Brooke about his quarrel with Liam and why it happened. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017
 While attempting to get him to reconcile with Liam, Steffy gets Bill to admit that he went too far in his actions regarding Spectra. Extremely excited to get her company back up and running, Sally asks Liam for advice. Brooke continues to be suspicious of Bill when he has a complete change of opinion about a matter than the day before.  Sally gathers her employees for a meeting to announce that Spectra Fashions will soon be back in business.  Seemingly having made some headway with Bill about mending their estranged family, Steffy approaches Liam with the same matter but with less luck

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Sally and the Spectra group are given bad news about the future of their company while touring the remnants of their former offices with the fire marshal.  The day gets worse for Sally when she receives a phone call from Thomas telling her of his plans to stay in New York with Caroline and Douglas. 
Since there is no viable building to sell any longer, CJ is ready to make a deal with Spencer Publications. Liam makes a call to Sally that will ensure her day ends on a much happier note.  Ridge senses that there is some tension in Brooke and Bill’s marriage and hopes to capitalize on it        

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Liam calls a meeting to make a major announcement about his position within Spencer Publications. Wyatt is completely blindsided by his brother’s unexpected declaration and seeks out their father for answers.  Despite the many questions to Bill about his unusual behavior, Brooke is left in the dark about her husband’s situation.  Liam confronts Justin about which member of the Spencer family has his loyalty. 
Monday, September 11, 2017
While warning Liam of the consequences and attempting to be supportive of her husband, Steffy questions if he really wants to ruin his relationship with Bill forever.  Justin gives Bill legal advice about how to handle his current predicament.  Bill confronts Justin to see if he is secretly seeing Katie and then explains the notebook that he discovered at her house. Katie and Wyatt’s lovemaking is uncomfortably interrupted by one of their respective exes.                
Friday, September 8, 2017
Steffy and Sally have a heart-to-heart conversation. Sally compares the two of them and points out all of the ways that they are similar. Vivienne and Julius are shocked when they learn that Zende and Nicole may be moving to Paris. Nicole becomes suspicious when she finds out that this was Maya’s idea. Maya attempts to justify her idea to the group. Nicole pressures her sister about the real reason she wants her to move so far away.  Steffy is shocked when Liam informs her of what transpired between him and Bill. C.J. and Sally meet up. Sally, who is still down about losing everything in the fire, tells CJ that the fire was all her fault, that she should have had the wire repaired.
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Rick questions Maya’s extreme plan to send Nicole and Zende off to Paris.  Soon, Rick begins to jump on board. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Zende how proud she is of him and the recognition he is now getting from his family. Liam finally goes to his father, who isn’t happy with Liam’s tone and attitude. Steffy is stunned when Sally arrives at her door and tells her that she is leaving town for good. Ridge brings Zende and Nicole into his office to applaud Zende’s work and to offer him a position at Forrester International.
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
On top of the world that his plan is succeeding, Bill takes a meeting with C.J. to discuss the sale of the property where Spectra once stood.  Ridge and Rick view Zende’s latest designs and are impressed. Ridge tells Zende that he has the talent and determination to go far in the fashion industry. Zende admits he feels as if he’s coming into his own and that Monte Carlo was the beginning for him.  Backstage, Maya overhears Lizzy call Nicole “Mama” and is immediately overcome with concern.  Maya holds Lizzy and tries to mask her insecurity with Nicole and Lizzy’s bond. Liam interferes with Bill and CJ’s negotiation, which infuriates Dollar Bill. Maya and Rick discuss their options on what to do with Nicole and Lizzy’s attachment to each other. Rick is somewhat taken aback when Maya reminds him about the opening in the international office. Ridge and Steffy discuss the relationship between Bill and Liam and Liam’s current frustration with his father.
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Liam continues to play out in his mind, the series of events that would usurp his father’s power and show him that he is not above the law. Sheila and Charlie argue while watching Ridge and Quinn trapped in the Forrester elevator.  Quinn and Ridge share a moment talking about preserving their friendship while at the same time helping to repair their relationship with Eric.  Not able to hear them, only see them, Sheila mistakes their sentiment for lust. When Liam’s fantasy ends, Steffy asks him if he could really go through with taking Bill down. Liam is obviously torn about his decision. When Charlie cannot take it anymore, he hits the button which releases the elevator.  Later, when Ridge questions Charlie, he mentions Quinn which causes Ridge to become suspicious. Before she heads home to New York, Caroline says her goodbyes to Bill. Liam is torn about whether to tell Thomas the truth about Bill’s manipulations when the opportunity presents itself. Realizing what’s about to happen, Steffy runs interference and the two argue about what is the right decision.
Monday, September 4, 2017
Sheila sneaks into the security office at Forrester Creations, which startles Charlie.  She promptly tells Charlie that he is going to help her get back into the Forrester estate. Alone in the Forrester Design Office, Quinn and Ridge bond over their discontent with Sheila. Ridge reveals the extent of the hurt that she has inflicted upon him during his lifetime and shares that he cannot understand why Eric would allow Sheila to get close to them again.  Liam has a fantasy of exactly how he’d like the situation with Dollar Bill to play out. Sheila manipulates Charlie, and seizes an opportunity to create an intimate moment between Ridge and Quinn. Watching their every move on the closed circuit camera, Sheila takes a photo that could pass as incriminating evidence to Eric.

Friday, September 1, 2017
Steffy is stunned when Liam confides in her about Dollar Bill’s terrible deed. The Spectra gang huddles around Sally waiting for an update on her prognosis from the doctor.  Liam and Steffy debate on whether they should go to the police with the information they have when Rick, Maya, Ivy and RJ arrive frantically wanting to know more about the fire. Thomas returns from New York to visit an ailing Sally in the hospital. Thomas and Sally joke about her condition. When the rest of the group leaves, Sally gets emotional, overcome with happiness that Thomas is back. Caroline arrives and tells Bill that Thomas has returned with her to see Sally and confronts him about the fire.  Without telling her why, Liam queries Brooke about Bill’s recent behavior.

Thursday, August 31, 2017
When the hotel manager asks Sheila to leave because she is behind on her payment, Sheila threatens to ruin his life. Eric, still believing some of Sheila’s story, is skeptical of Quinn telling him what she saw.  Eric denounces the violence that happened in his home.  Back at the hotel, Sheila talks to herself, set on destroying Quinn. Liam and Bill argue about the fire and Bill’s justification for his actions.  Liam is disturbed that Bill is completely comfortable with the terrible things he has done. Steffy lets Ridge know about Spectra and how Liam doesn’t believe that it was caused by an electrical fire.  Ridge arrives at Eric’s and quickly becomes the voice of reason between the squabbling Eric and Quinn.
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Mid-fight, Quinn calls out to Eric who quickly comes to break up the cat-fight between Sheila and his wife.  Quinn busts Sheila, telling Eric she has been lying about her condition all along. Eric asks Sheila for the truth before making his final decision about Sheila’s living arrangements.  Justin reports to Bill that Spectra Fashions is completely gone and they are now out of the fashion game. Liam and Steffy are shocked that the building has burned down and have so many questions as to how this happened.  Pam reports that  Sally suffered smoke inhalation and is in the hospital.  Steffy suggests that they go to the hospital to make sure Sally is alright.  Shirley admits that she thinks it is odd that this happened the night before the show.  Sally blames herself, thinking it is her fault that the building burned down.  C.J. delivers very bad news to his family. Liam arrives at Bill’s office and starts asking difficult questions.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Bill sits in his office satisfied that his evil plan has worked and that he will soon be able to build his beloved skyscraper. It’s up in flames for Spectra Fashions as the building quickly burns. Sally and the Spectra gang return from a dinner break and are horrified to see that Sally’s office is on fire.  Firefighters prevent Sally from rushing into her flame engulfed office in a desperate attempt to save her precious collection. James tells Sheila that he wants to tell Eric the truth about her condition but she once again threatens to ruin his career. Angry that Eric is buying Sheila’s act, Quinn attempts to convince him that Sheila needs to leave their home stat. Meanwhile, James is torn between telling the truth or losing his practice.  Later, and now alone, Sheila gets out of bed and does a happy dance that her scheme is on point, not seeing Quinn enter the room.
Monday, August 28, 2017
Steffy is floored when Ridge tells her that Sheila is now living with Eric and Quinn. Ridge expresses his curiosity about why Thomas picked up and went to New York and isn’t coming back for the fashion show. Steffy covers and tells her father it is a good thing that Thomas has his priorities in check regarding Caroline and Douglas. Ridge wonders what tricks Bill will be up to at the Spectra fashion show. Thomas calls Sally out of the blue and wishes her good luck. She asks him if there is any possibility that he could return in time to see her designs. As Sally is making sure that all of the details are perfect for the fashion show, Bill unleashes his plan on Spectra.  He commands Justin to dig up all of the dirt on the Spectras and the building.  Bill is floored when Justin comes back with huge news that could c
hange the course of Bill’s plan in his favor.

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