Drivers cautious about paying tolls

CHARLOTTE,NC (WBTV) - Drivers say they're skeptical about a new proposal that would help pay for road projects in Mecklenburg County.

The proposal suggests doubling the vehicle registration fee, implementing a half-cent sales tax, and adding toll booths along I-77 and I-85.

Ned Curran is on the committee the County asked to look into the road problem.

He presented his proposal to County Commissioners Wednesday night.

Officials predict a 12-billion dollar shortfall in road money statewide over the next 25 years, and without repairs some worry Charlotte could face the same traffic nightmares as Atlanta.

Driver John Jones says he'll pay the half cent sales tax if the County can promise it'll go towards roads.

"So many times we have taxes, like bonds and so forth and then they end up using the the money for something else,"said Jones.

Commissioner Vilma Leake blames the whole problem on the state, which she says needs to be held more accountable.

"We need to make sure that we hold them to the task when we talk about roads," said Leake.

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