My most memorable moment...

Did you go to the Presidential inauguration in Washington, DC, or watch it live on television or via the web?  If so, we want you to describe your most memorable moment of President Barack Obama's inauguration.

What does the new administration mean to you?  What are your hopes for the future with Obama leading the country?  What are your expectations in the first 100 days of the Obama administration?

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Having been an educator for over 28 years, I realized yesterday that I had never been home to see the inauguration before!  I've always been busy in school.  Having the snow day yesterday allowed many of us to witness not only the official swearing in of our new president and vice president, but we were able to also see all the pageantry, ceremonies, and celebrations of the entire day that I had never paid much attention to in the news coverage of past inaugurations.
I think the most memorable moment of the entire day is positively the shock of the flubs made during President Obama's oath-taking. I kept hoping Chief Justice Roberts would turn to the crowd and say, "I'm so sorry for the confusion.  We'd like a do-over!"  And just start that part again, to make it not only sound right for all the re-plays, but also to make official the oath he is required to take.
Carol Podmore
York, SC

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