Officers headed to Presidential Inauguration

Written by Steve Crump - email | bio

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Mecklenburg Officers are among those who will be at next weeks inauguration.  It will be a short assignment, but one with plenty of prestige.

Major Dale Greene will head up the detail.  He says, "80 officers will be going up on this Sunday arriving at 0700, and arriving that afternoon and rolling into D.C.  about the time the opening ceremonies are closing."

Because of the demands of security at presidential inaugurations, it is customary for the federal government to tap cities like Charlotte to provide help in handling the crowds and protecting the public.

Dale Greene will oversee the officers on loan from the department's Civil Emergency Unit.

Four years ago when president Bush took office, CMPD sent dozens of officers to lend a hand.

It was 12 hours on the street and in the cold, but this year's assignment brings an upgrade. According to officer Greene, "We've been told that we'll be on a gala, which means we'll be on location and site security."

But some may question how safe city our city will be with 80 officers out of mix, Major Greene says staffing levels here on the home front will not be impacted.

"We have to make sure that we have enough officers to cover any issues that may arise here," Greene said.