Homeowner catches suspect

Written by Sarah Batista

CHARLOTTE,NC (WBTV) - A shooting suspect was in police custody Saturday night because of a quick-thinking homeowner.

He used his son's Christmas present, a brand new rifle, to hold the suspect until police arrived.

The incident happened on Sedgewood Circle off of Wendover Road.

Police believe the suspect shot someone in the Grier Heights neighborhood, drove off and crashed his car at the intersection of Randolph Road and Wendover Road.

The homeowner saw the man run from the car into his backyard and garage.

His family was admiring a new rifle at the same moment he saw the suspect , so he used it to corner the suspect until police arrested him

"I wasn't really scared until after the fact, so adrenaline goes and you're ready to go,"said Tate Davis, the homeowner.

Police have not released the suspect's name, but they say the shooting stemmed from an ongoing neighborhood feud.